Benefits of VR

3 Benefits of VR Gaming

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“Video games are boring.” That’s a phrase you never thought you’d say.

But what if there was a way to make your gaming sessions more engaging, and exciting all over again?

You can, if you play in VR. Virtual reality gaming provides a one-of-a-kind experience that you’re not going to get outside of VR due to the exclusive benefits it provides.

If you haven’t made the jump to VR gaming, here are 3 benefits of VR to convince you to make the leap.

1. It Makes Exercise Fun

Many VR games are best played standing up. Standing burns more calories than sitting, so by standing to play a VR game you’re already increasing the number of calories you’re burning per hour. Add in other movements, such as leaning and ducking, and you’re further boosting the calories you’re burning.

Of course, playing VR games is no substitute for going to the gym and getting regular exercise. However, that’s starting to change. Many developers have been working on VR exercise games.

Many of these games are a combination of rhythm and exercise games. FitXR (formerly BoxVR) requires a monthly subscription but allows you to practice your dancing or boxing skills, or engage in HIIT (High-intensity interval training) exercises. VZFit allows you to jog or cycle your way through scenic landscapes.

Other games have gotten even more creative with how they incorporate exercise. Phantom Covert Ops is a stealth game where you have to row your kayak past enemies – or take them out.

2. It Can Be Educational

The benefits of VR gaming extend to more than your body, they extend to your brain too. VR gaming can provide a more interactive experience that holds students’ interest. Even boring subjects are more interesting in virtual reality.

Gamifying education makes for a rewarding experience that encourages students to come back for me. That extends to students of all ages – adult learners can benefit too.

3. It Creates an Immersive Experience

Arguably the greatest benefit of VR gaming is the ability to immerse yourself in whatever game you’re playing. When the game is

For even greater immersion, many companies make VR accessories. Some of these accessories are simple and convenient, like cable management solutions that route cables off of the ground. This helps prevent tripping and helps you maneuver more easily.

Other accessories are more tactile and may offer distinct advantages. VR gunstocks are one such example.

These gun stocks hold your VR controllers in place, allowing you to aim and shoot with ease. Their weight and shape allow you to grip your “gun” for enhanced realism. There are many different gun stock accessories available, but some only fit specific VR controllers.

If you want to see some examples of the different VR gun stocks available, you can check out these accessories here.

The Benefits of VR Augment Your Gaming Experience

Virtual reality makes gaming a unique experience. The benefits of VR lead to an immersive experience that can benefit both your brain and body. What used to be a topic of science fiction has become a very real way to experience video games.

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