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Your Guide to the Different Types of Axolotls

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There’s a slimy new kid in town.

The axolotl, a species of salamander, is now among the most popular pets in the USA.

Demand for axolotls increased when an axolotl character was added to the popular computer game, Minecraft. In real life, axolotls are appealing pets, with a range of colors, cylindrical bodies, feathery gills, and cute permanent smiles.

It’s not hard to figure out why they are so popular. Keep reading to find out all about the different types of axolotls!

What Is an Axolotl?

Also known as Mexican walking fish, the axolotl is a species of salamander with a unique genetic makeup.

Axolotls look much like tadpoles, even when they are fully mature. These carnivores eat worms, insects, and small species of fish, and spend their entire lives in water.

Growing to a size of approximately 9 inches and weighing up to 300 grams, these cute aquatic creatures have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Buy live axolotls for sale and make sure you have a 20 + gallon aquarium tank filled with a water filter. The tank requires a thin layer of sand or large river rocks and minimal tank decor. Caring for axolotls is simple with the right tank, the right temperature water, and the right food.

Different Types of Axolotls and Their Colors

The different axolotl colors, also called morphs, are one of the most appealing characteristics of these unique amphibians. Here are some of the common as well as rare axolotl colors.

Golden Albino

Characterized by its vibrant gold skin and pink or white eyes, the golden albino changes its color throughout its life. Its color changes from white at birth, then to yellow and orange-gold.

White Albino

White albino axolotls are quite common. They are recognizable by their white body, red gills, and white or pink eyes.


While sometimes confused for the albino, the leucistic axolotl has translucent skin and dark eyes. Leucistic axolotls are fairly common when it comes to axolotl pets.

Black Melanoid

One of the most common axolotl colors is the black melanoid color morph. This pigment mixture includes dark green and black bodies with dark purple gills and sometimes a purple or gray belly as well.


An axolotl with a copper-flecked light grey-green body, the copper axolotl’s color is an unusual combination. This uncommon axolotl also has gray eyes and grayish-red gills.


This color of axolotl has a silvery and purple hue, with grayish-red gills and black eyes. It is sometimes called the Silver Dalmatian axolotl.

Rare Axolotl Colors

There are some rare axolotl colors as well, including the Piebald, Chimera, and Mosaic.

The Piebald is a color morph that features black or dark green spots on white or translucent skin. It typically has a large number of spots over its body.

The Chimera’s color is half-black, half-white, split horizontally down the length of its body. It is the result of two eggs, one albino and one white, morphing before hatching.

Another rare morph is the Mosaic. It’s a difficult-to-find color and is created by combining two eggs tougher, an albino or leucistic with a dark or wild type.

Amazing Axolotls

With so many different types of axolotls to choose from, you are sure to find one you love! Axolotls are cute and easy-to-care-for pets that are sure to add some fun and color to your life!

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