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Your Guide to Small Dog Breeds

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Are you searching for the perfect companion to join your family? Look no further! According to recent research, 69 million households own at least one dog in the US. And that number keeps growing each year.

The rise in popularity can be attributed to the growing trend of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. These furry friends are some of the most loyal and precious companions you can have by your side.

If you’re considering becoming a proud dog parent, read up on the list of small dog breeds below.


They are best known for their feisty personality and big ears. Chihuahuas are devoted, loyal and loving, and they make excellent lapdogs due to their small size.

Socialize a Chihuahua for daily stimulation. This can be in the form of walks, playtime, and petting.

They thrive on attention and love to be rewarded with treats. Proper potty training is essential for Chihuahuas, and they generally respond best to positive reinforcement training.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the most popular types of small dogs. With its stubby legs, long ears, and thick fur, this dog is ideal for smaller spaces. With the right training, Pembroke Welsh Corgis can be well-mannered and devoted companions.

They may be small in stature, but they are big on loyalty, making them devoted and loving pets. Their short legs make them small enough to snuggle up with, but also keep them active and agile. They are also an intelligent breed, making them great candidates for training.


Pugs are small, loyal, and loving, making them ideal pets for many households. They have flattened faces with wide heads, wrinkled faces, and sturdy bodies. Pugs are categorized as a companion dog spa due to their friendly nature and social temperament.

Pugs are the perfect addition to a home feeling a little love. With their sweet nature, they are great with kids of all ages and are a wonderful addition to a family.

Due to their small size, they can do very well in smaller homes and apartments. They enjoy spending time and snuggling up with their loved ones.


Pomeranians are small dogs with big personalities, making them one of the most sought-after breeds among pet owners. Popularized by the internet, these compact companions love attention and affection. They thrive in small households or apartment living.

Due to their size, they can be relatively low maintenance, though Pomeranians do require regular grooming. As far as exercise and training go, they enjoy a few short daily walks and positive reinforcement. These intelligent breeds are eager to learn, so playtime and obedience training is essential to their development and happiness.

Although they’re known for barking, try to use a distraction technique to break the habit. Pomeranians are incredibly loyal and make great watchdogs, so they’re an excellent choice for a first-time owner.

These Are Some of the Best Small Dog Breeds

Small dogs come in a variety of breeds and sizes, so it’s important to research and think carefully before choosing the right one for you and your family. They provide love, loyalty, and companionship, making them the perfect choice for those seeking a loyal companion. Use this guide to explore the types of dogs available and make the perfect choice to suit your lifestyle.

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