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You must know all these if you are a boxer dog lover

White Boxer Dogs

Dog lovers believe that White boxer dogs or white boxer puppies are the least favorable of this breed. The reason of their faith is that White boxer dogs are very aggressive in nature and are more prone to illness than other colorful boxer dogs. Some people believe that they have a very strange kind of nature with a different set of personality traits which is not normal. In reality, all this information and believes are false and all boxer dog lovers need to clear their concepts regarding this. Generally, White boxer dogs behave very comically and they are usually very funny, loving and expressive with the extra ordinary strong craving to make their owners happy. They are the best companions of human beings and always enjoy the company of all family members. White boxer dogs also love to learn playing tactics from their owners and they consider as more active than other colorful traditional dogs. One of the special qualities in White boxer dogs is that they never get illness automatically and white color boxers are not that rare. In fact, twenty-five percent of all Boxers have born as white and the majority of them were healthy and active.

Black Boxer Dog

The searching of Black boxer dog is 90{2e7b4b4bb4237f7afb66ad59d59901d5cb12b0a6887a5429cb609a12635a799b} in vain, however, some potential dog lovers seem actively seeks out this colored puppy. It is very hard to believe when you see its photos on different websites and in some magazines, but black boxers do not exist within the breed. If you notice a black boxer dog closely and if that is a pure boxer dog, he or she must be very dark brindle in color. Brindle color pattern has a stripping effect we can clearly notice the black strips over the fawn background on black boxer dog. The appearance of the black coat in boxer dogs, this is due to super attractive heavy reserve breeding. Even it can be very dark and very thick you cannot see any fawn beneath it. If you notice a dog, you can easily assume that it is a black boxer dog but in fact, you need to have a second look in order to make sure because it is very rare. Even if there is any real Black Boxer dog then it simply cannot be a purebred. In its bloodline, there must be another breed. This is the only reason that black boxers always sells on very high price and dog lovers cannot stop themselves from doing so.

German Boxer Dog

The version of German Boxer Dog which is called as Kennel Club basically maintains the standard of German Boxers in partnership with the Federation Cynologigue Internationale. German Boxer dogs can be recognized very easily due to their large size bone structure. This quality makes him different from the other Boxers. German Boxer Dog has normally a very smaller nose, however just by a very small degree. Their width of the thighs is also quite wider than other types which make them more attractive. The height of German Boxer Dog is normally between 22.5 inches to 25 inches & in females, it is between 21 inches to 23.5 inches. The German standard of Boxers stated that male boxer dogs should weigh approximately 66 pounds (33 KG) and female boxers about 55 pounds (27.5 KG). The color of German Boxer Dog is same as American Boxer; however, it has natural or cropped ears without tail docking. While white markings on German breeding are not fully rejected, they are not encouraged either. Normally German Boxer dog is considered as very energetic and very loving breed also tend to be very loving with kids. With their protective nature, they are the most popular choice for the families in Germany.

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