Wide Range Of Amenities That KDMS Hospital Provides

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KDMS is a household name for quality healthcare in the country compared to other premium healthcare institutions worldwide. One’s health is one’s wealth. As they say, based on such fulfilling and serving morals, the hospital continues to lead the path in healthcare and medicine.

The state-of-the-art, world-class infrastructure brings new and advanced technologies and methods to treat patients. The hospital pays intensive care to ensure comprehensive care for every patient. Located in the heart of Bangkok, the institution continues to pave its way in the field of medical research, coming up with world-changing technologies and methods always keeping your health as their number one priority.

Amenities Provided By KDMS Hospital

Dental Facility: Experienced dental surgeons at KDMS Hospital are well equipped to perform surgeries such as RCT, cleaning, extractions, and fillings.


A massive array of physiotherapy services is offered by the medical professionals at KDMC hospital, including MWD, SWD, TENS, IFC, etc.

Ecg Amenity:

Training professionals make round-the-clock reports providing the patient with ECG services, including detailed descriptions.


Hassle-free and cheap medicines are provided throughout the day. Every pill is pure and utterly reliable in terms of composition and effectiveness.

General Wards:

These areas are well maintained and are hygienic, with a well-laid-out seating arrangement for the families and other staff of the hospital.


KDMS Hospital provides round-the-clock services to escort patients from their homes to the hospital citywide with a slight delay.


The hospital provides well-maintained and spacious parking areas for the working staff and the patients.


An ATM is present on each floor, also equipped with services such as cardless cash withdrawals.

Isolation Rooms:

The hospital offers many isolation rooms for patients to get treatment and care while being quarantined. The rooms are regularly sanitized, and no outside personnel can access such areas.

 Icu And Ipd:

Two whole floors are dedicated to intensive care units for patients who need help urgently. Critical units present for trauma, cardiac, surgical, and medical emergencies.

Standard Rooms:

Each standard room is equipped with seating areas for the members of the patient’s family with various entertainment services such as telephones and televisions present.

The high quality and impressively effective services provided by all the staff and the doctors in the hospital is one of the biggest reasons it is a household name in healthcare.

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