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Why You Still Need Regular Pest Control in Winter

According to research by the FAO, Climate change is wreaking havoc across the world when it comes to pest populations. Nowadays, some insects are staying active long past their winter bedtime, spreading far and wide in the process.

With this in mind, it makes sense for homeowners to implement pest control in winter. Yet, this new development isn’t the only reason to protect your home from pests all year round.

Here’s why you should engage regular services to keep pests in check every month of the year.

Not all Pests Die Out in the Winter

Carpenter ants, termites, mice, and rats never rest. They’ll continue gnawing their way through your home unabated during winter.

If you leave these creatures unattended for a part of the year, they could cause irreversible damage before you know it.

Wood-eating insects always stay behind the scenes. If you’re noticing their presence, it’s probably already too late.

Rather, let your pest control service focus on finding and treating these vulnerable areas before you start to see problems. It’s a good idea to seal any gaps in your walls in the early winter before you end up with unwanted winter house guests, too.

Some Pests Move Indoors During Winter

In some cases, you might experience increased pest activity in winter.  Asian ladybugs, cluster flies, box elder bugs, and spiders tend to scurry indoors when it’s cold outside.

Often, they’ll head to the basement or attic, where they can lie low until summer returns. Pest control services know how to root them out of all their favorite hiding places.

Pest Control in Winter Means a Pest-Free Summer

During the winter months, pest control technicians can focus on the inside of your home. They have time to identify any potential problem areas and prepare your home for increased pest activity in summer.

That’s why it’s important to hire an experienced exterminator to deal with pests in your home. These experts have the know-how to identify your home’s weak spots and help you upgrade your defenses to keep pests out.

They can also find and remove any insect egg cases, webs, and nests to stop these creatures from reappearing when the weather warms up.

Winter Pest Control Tips

There are a few ongoing pest control tactics that are beyond the realm of pest control services. To help keep your home pest-free, you should do the following:

  • Store firewood away from the house, it attracts pests
  • Clean up clutter, it’s a haven for pests
  • Take care of leaking pipes and clogged drains, insects love moist habitats.

You should also keep your bathroom and kitchen scrupulously clean, they’re a favorite spot for pests to hang out near a source of water.

Take Back Your Leisure Time

Stringent pest control in winter ensures you needn’t worry about household pests spoiling your holiday fun or your summer enjoyment.

When you work with a reputable pest control company, they’ll help you create a program to ensure you’re covered against common pests as well as unexpected visitors.

Don’t waste your precious time worrying about household pests. Rather, make the most of every moment with more awesome health, lifestyle, and home improvement tips from our blog.

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