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Why You Should Start Using Travertine Pavers Around Your Home

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Did you know that travertine is naturally formed when spring waters and river waters evaporate? If you are considering adding travertine pavers to your driveway or patio, we are here to share the top benefits of opting for these pavers.

Read on to learn the top reasons you might want to choose travertine pavers.

Work Well in Changing Weather Conditions

One major pro of opting for travertine pavers is that even if you live in an area that the weather is constantly changing, the travertine pavers can handle the climate changes. The key is to choose premium travertine to get the maximum temperature stability during these extreme weather changes.

We also recommend having it installed over a sand bed to help increase the life of the pavers when the weather is drastically changing.

Slip Resistant

When you are walking outside your home, the last thing you want is to slip and fall. Because travertine has a non-slip and porous surface, it is a perfect choice for areas that tend to get wet often. For example, if you have a pool in your home, travertine pavers are a safe choice.

The key is to stay away from polished travertine pavers because those are filed with epoxy and polished to give it a shiny look. This ends up making the pavers slippery.

Resists UV Light Fading

When you are creating your patio design, you probably do not want a floor that will fade over time with the sun. Thankfully, travertine pavers will not fade even if where you live it is always sunny. You can even opt for discount travertine to save some money and won’t have to worry about your pavers changing or needing replacement down the road because of UV damage.


Along with being UV resistant, travertine is extremely durable because it is such a hard material. Even with heavy foot traffic, it will last for years to come, making it a smart financial investment. You will rarely have to worry about changing your pavers, but you still want to take regular care of them and if there are ever any spills or stains you want to take care of them quickly.


Another major benefit is that travertine pavers come in many patterns, colors, and styles. This means that you can choose pavers that fit perfectly with your home and your taste in style. These pavers can also be arranged in any form you choose, and a professional can come up with unique and fancy designs based on what you prefer.

The most popular finish for the outdoors is a tumbled finish, where you have a non-slip surface with a textured look.

Feeling Like a Travertine Pavers Pro?

Now that you learned the top pros of choosing travertine pavers, you can make an informed decision if you want to opt for this natural stone.

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