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Why Would You Need Insulation Removal?

The cost of electricity is up 9% and natural gas is up 24% in February. With the cost of everything else increasing, it’s difficult to absorb those costs.

You might want to install new windows, and energy-efficient appliances, and increase the insulation in your home.

These are all effective means to lower energy bills. Do you need to think about insulation removal as well?

It’s possible that you’re laying new insulation on top of ineffective insulation. That could hamper your energy savings strategy.

Do you want to know if it’s to remove insulation? Read on to learn how to know if it’s time to remove home insulation.

When to Remove Aging Attic Insulation

According to https://www.antheminsulation.com/, home insulation can last up to 80 years if it’s maintained properly. The problem is that it’s rarely maintained.

Fiberglass will break down and your insulation’s lifespan will drop to 15 to 20 years. Think about the attic insulation in your home, and replace it if it’s older with little maintenance.

Replace Insulation If It’s Damp

There may be a small leak in the attic that causes the insulation to get damp. This can cause a host of issues not only in the attic but in the entire home.

Damp attic insulation degrades the fiberglass quickly. It is also a prime location for mold to grow. Once you get mold in the attic, it can circulate through the entire house.

The other issue is that damp insulation comes into contact with electrical wiring. This can damage your home’s electrical systems and create a potentially dangerous situation.

It’s best to remove insulation and replace it.

Pest and Insects

Homeowners have a hard time keeping pests out of the home. Once they settle in your insulation, you need to remove it.

It’s not a matter of pests damaging the insulation. It’s a matter of what they leave behind that can cause serious health issues.

Pests leave urine and feces in the insulation that contain harmful bacteria. Once these things get into the air, you breathe them in.

Remove the pests and replace the insulation as soon as possible.

Air Quality Issues

In most cases, homeowners will simply add new insulation on top of old insulation. This is a standard way to improve the quality of attic insulation.

This is a good approach, though there are some exceptions. Signs of dampness, mold, or pests mean you need to replace insulation.

The other sign is if there is a lot of dust around the air registers or vents. In that case, you may want to remove insulation and completely replace it to improve the air quality in the home.

Is It Time for Insulation Removal?

If you’re looking at ways to lower your energy bills, you want to add more attic insulation. Before you do, you need to consider if insulation removal is necessary.

This short guide showed you a few key signs to look for to determine if you need to replace insulation or not.

For more tips to create a comfy home, check out the other articles on the blog.

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