Why People Are Still Using Drafting Tables Today

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The drafting table has long been a staple for engineers, architects, interior designers and many others. However, it may seem like an almost obsolete piece of furniture in the modern world of computer-aided design. Despite this, people continue to use drafting tables for all sorts of work that involves drawing, particularly making very precise drawings.

The Benefits of Using a Drafting Table To Draw

If you have never used a drafting table, you may be unsure why they are so popular. Despite what you may expect, drawing on a tilted surface is not necessarily more comfortable or more natural than doing so on a flat surface. In fact, people often have to get used to using the titled tabletop.

Instead, the main benefits come from reach and depth perception. When you need to draw very accurately, it is easier to use a titled surface. Part of this is that you can move your hand along the page without having to move it much further away from your body. When making long lines, it is easier to stay accurate with a drafting table. Similarly, there is less distortion from depth perception when working on a larger drawing.

In short, using a drafting table makes it a lot easier to make the types of large, accurate drawings that are necessary for engineering and design. Some people find them helpful for art and other types of drawing as well.

Hand Drawing vs. CAD

Ultimately, the big question about drafting tables isn’t whether they help with hand drawing, but how they stack up against CAD. Without a doubt, engineers, designers, architects and others need digital models, diagrams and plans of their work. Thus, you may think that hand drawing is almost obsolete in those fields.

However, many people still find hand drawing to be more practical for many types of work, especially earlier iterations of a design. This isn’t just old-timers stuck in their ways. Even people who grew up with computers sometimes prefer to draw by hand. For many people, the direct hand-on-paper feel is a more effective way to transfer ideas into a drawn plan.

Finding the Right Drafting Table

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