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Why Most Car Accident Cases Never Go to Trial

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In 2022, there were about 14,386 car accidents per day in the US. It also means that there is one car crash every six minutes.

Whether it’s a fender-bender or a severe collision that leads to extensive damage and injuries doesn’t matter. Going through a car accident is one of the most stressful situations you can experience. You must prepare for negotiations or a car accident settlement if you have a solid case to take to trial and win.

Car accident cases often settle before ever setting foot in a courtroom. Here’s why that happens and why it’s a good thing for everyone involved.

Court Trials are Expensive

There is a high cost of court fees and expenses involved in hiring an attorney and gathering evidence. Besides, legal proceedings can drag on for months and even years, adding to the overall cost.

Insurance companies are also compelling and are likely to bring higher amounts to the defendants’defendants’ table than victims can get through their attorneys. An amicable or arbitrated court settlement becomes the preferred option instead of a full-blown court trial. Moreover, in most cases, people may settle for enough to cover their losses and move on.

The Trial Process Can Take Time

Car accident cases can take months, even years, to bring an issue to court. It can be time-consuming for both parties, draining finances and resources.

Additionally, most people can settle cases outside of court by filing an insurance claim. It is more efficient than dealing with the complexities of the court system.

The Unpredictability of the Juries

Attorneys are often hesitant to take these cases to trial because the outcome is uncertain, and the jury may arrive at an unpredicted verdict. The jury comprises a pool of random citizens from the community, some of whom may need to gain legal experience or expertise. They can be unpredictable, as they make emotional decisions based on certain factors that can be difficult to predict, like sympathy, prior experiences, and biases.

Court Trials are Stressful

Most car accident cases never go to trial because they can be stressful for the parties involved. If a car accident case does get to court, survivors of the accident may have to testify in open court about their experience, which can be traumatic. Victims often want to move on from the incident as fast as possible, and trying to pursue a car accident lawsuit – and ultimately, an extended court battle – can be too overwhelming.

Attorneys are in a difficult position as they have to pursue a case in a very narrow window. Because of the stress of trials, lawyers usually do whatever they can to negotiate a settlement or drop the case rather than proceed. Consult the legal experts from to know the best options for your case.

Resolve Car Accident Cases Before it Goes to Court

Although some car accident cases go to trial, most are resolved via out-of-court settlements. Resolving disputes outside the courtroom saves considerable time, money, and emotional stress for all parties involved. If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, seek legal counsel to understand your rights and explore all available options.

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