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Why Job Tracking Is So Useful

The workplace shifts of the past year have accelerated many job market trends that were already underway. Chief among these is remote working, as well as wellbeing policies such as flexi-time and 4-day weeks.

However, one revolution in the labor market that has largely gone unnoticed is the rise of job tracking. All evidence tends to show that job managing systems are on the rise across virtually every industry.

While some consider this a form of surveillance, this is not always the case. Job tracking tools can keep your workers, employees, and contractors safe, happy, and in an environment that is more conducive to wellbeing.

In addition, job tracking software can produce serious dividends for your business. Here’s how.

  1. Better Business Management With Job Tracking

A business platform that includes job tracking will have a noticeable impact on how you manage your business. For example, market-leading job tracking solutions like Ticked Off allow you to monitor important KPIs by looking at how productive every member of your team is.

You can then use this information to divert resources and support to where they are needed most, as well as patch vulnerabilities in your team. By doing this, you can build a more resilient business model.

  1. Improve Your Billing and Pricing

If you want to bill your clients in an easy, transparent, fair, and reliable way, you need time tracking. The only way to properly bill any clients is by being able to record exactly how much time is spent on a project and what type of labor is being completed.

This way, you can provide accurate billing. You can also use this information to improve your pricing, ensuring that your pricing that accurately reflects the work you do, rather than just guesswork.

  1. Keep Your Projects Profitable 

In any industry, time is money. If you want to keep your work as profitable as possible, you need a job management solution that lets you track every hour. You can even use job tracking mobile apps to do this on the go.

By tracking your hours, you can work out whether the fees you charge customers and clients are sufficient to cover the actual paid hours your team members spend on the project. If you care about your bottom line, use a job tracking mobile app.

  1. Create a Record of Your Work

For so many reasons, it is crucial that you have clear and accessible records of the work your company does. This includes the type of work done and a detailed picture of the hours spent on certain tasks. This will help you easily remain compliant with federal tax and payroll laws.

It may also make insurance arrangements more straightforward, depending on the industry you are in. Put simply, more documentation is nearly always better for businesses. This is why job tracking can be so helpful.

Future-Proof Your Business Today

Now that you know the ins and outs of job tracking, it is time to learn more.

With our insider tech insights, you can take advantage of the latest tech trends to truly future-proof your business. Check it out today.

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