Why do you need to download the BehindMyWalls app?

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A house is an expensive project. There are a lot of things that go into making it. But our walls aren’t the only thing that is present in the house. The walls hide a lot of things like the pipeline and wire work that are crucial for the house as well. But often after the walls are set, people find it hard to locate the necessary things that are inside the walls. So, an app called BehindMyWalls has been devised to make it easier on the people who work on houses. So, let us see the benefits that the app has in store for its users.

Why is the app important to people working on the house?

  • The app makes up a visual library for all the critical parts of the house. This includes wiring, plumbing and gas lines. These components are hidden behind the walls. So, once the person has a library of such constructions, they may easily work on similar projects. It also helps in keeping a document of the inner work of the house. This document comes handy if any work needs to be performed on the house.
  • The person just needs to link blueprint of the project along with the current photos of the project. Then the app automatically layers it on the existing floor plan to make the total virtual image. In case there is no blueprint, one can also add labels for easy identification of the project. There is an ‘My Project’ folder in the app where one can access all their saved photos.
  • The photos can also be shared between the people who are working on the house. People who are benefited from this app are interior decorators, contractors, plumbers, electricians and even DIYers. Using the app decreases the need for guesswork and ruining a perfectly good area. It is quite intuitive and works in the best possible way to decode the photos.
  • Currently, the app is available for iPhone which is one of the most used gadgets of today. After its release, it has become a highly rated app among people. So, anyone who wanted to have a similar app will find it important.

Behind My Walls as a company is based in Princeton, NJ. The company wanted to bring something that would be helpful for people who work on our houses. They want to make it even better in the upcoming years.

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