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Why Do You Need A Dehumidifier?

dehumidifier for basement

One wonders why is it so important to maintain an optimum level of humidity in the house and more specifically- in the basement. That’s because an underground basement pretty much lists up as one of the places which lack natural air. This results in the air being laden with moisture which in turn leads to the growth of allergens, mildew, and mold. But to get rid of it all you will need the best dehumidifier for basement.

But first, let’s find out the signs of a humid basement:

Musty odor present in the air:

A musty odor is one of the first things which characterize a humid basement. This is due to the presence of mildew and mold. Mold is easily identifiable by the little dark spots which it leaves on the walls. These are the result of excessive levels of humidity and the lack of proper ventilation.

Water runoff:

This is a common problem for basements and it can be the result of poor water pipe fittings, water getting accumulated during the rainy season or maybe just due to water seeping in.

Rotting wood:

Any rotten wood found in the basement is a definite sign of the room needing a dehumidifier as wood generally starts rotting when it retains moisture for a very long time. A dehumidifier will come in handy during this time and remover the excess moisture out of the basement.


Yes, signs of condensation on the floors and walls might also be visible depending on the condition. You can see the signs of condensation as small drops of water or perhaps fog on the walls on the glass. Now a good dehumidifier would just soak up all the moisture and help in keeping the place dry.

Water removal:

A good dehumidifier should be able to remove up to minimum of 20 pints moisture from the room where it is kept every 24 hours. Always remember that this point capacity of a dehumidifier is the most important feature to make sure you select one which is able to remove the amount of moisture you want from the room.

Tank capacity:

The equation is easy and it says that the more amount of water a dehumidifier can hold, the less often you will have to empty up the tank. So the collection tank should be in tune with the link capacity.

Make sure you keep all these things in mind while buying a dehumidifier so that you can get the best and one which suits your needs.

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