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Why Do People Use Storage? These Are The Top Reasons Why People Use Storage

Ever wonder why self-storage facilities are popping up everywhere? What are people storing in these storage units? What is the point of storage?

Although we had an idea of our customers and the reasons they needed storage, we decided to dig deeper. Our customers gave us their main reasons for needing extra storage in a survey.

  1. To Ease The Stress Of Moving.

Moving can be a stressful experience. Moving to a new state or our first home can be stressful.

Toronto storage units may be temporarily rented to solve common moving problems. Here are some common reasons why people rent storage units during a move.

Storage may be required for moving situations

Downsizing. You might not have the time to go through everything quickly if you need to move into a smaller house. You don’t want to rush and make mistakes that you will regret later. Instead, store the excess in a storage unit.

Selling a house. Do you have children or pets? There might be many things in your house that aren’t ready for a showing. A lot of realtors recommend renting a small storage unit for storing clunky items away from your home during the selling process.

The closing date has been pushed back. Although it may be annoying to have to move twice in a row, you can rest assured that your stuff will remain safe and sound.

This is a temporary job that does not have a permanent home. You might also need Toronto storage units for your home base belongings. When you’re ready to settle down, the storage unit can be moved to a more permanent home.

Consolidating houses. This can occur when a couple moves in together, or when an elderly parent moves into a home with a child. There is likely to be lots of stuff in either case. You and your family can have a safe place to store all of your belongings until you are ready for the next phase.

  1. To Give You More Space In Your Home.

Sometimes, however, we don’t have the means to dispose of our belongings. It could be a gift from a distant relative or a token of our affection.

People will often temporarily rent storage units to declutter their homes and organize the contents. People with a flair for interior design may also use storage units to store their house decor that they can change out.

  1. To Ensure That Vehicles Are Safe During The Offseason.

Customers store more than their cars. Many people don’t have enough space in their garage or driveway to store their toys. Storage units are often a more cost-effective option.

There are many ways to store your car or vehicle other than in a standard storage unit.

The majority of self-storage facilities offer the following options:

  • Outdoor parking spaces
  • Outdoor spaces that are covered
  • Climate-controlled indoor storage units
  1. This Will Help You Organize Your Home Renovation.

Although you might not be moving, you have decided to remove the back part of your home and build an addition. Homeowners can store the area that needs renovation and still have access to their workspace.

  1. To Store The Belongings Of A Loved One.

It isn’t the most important thing to do after a loved one has died. There is usually a push for the house to be emptied to rent or sell it.

Sometimes the overwhelming amount of stuff that your grandparents or parents have left can make it difficult to live comfortably in later years. Customers dealing with a loss may store items and then process them later when they are less raw.

Emotions can be a bit less heated if you wait a while before going through the belongings of a loved one. A piece you might have fought about may be handled with more grace and less anger after people have healed emotionally.

  1. To Clear A Dorm In The Summer.

Many college-bound kids are faced with the dilemma of how to store their belongings during summer. Every June, college students and their families fill storage facilities close to college campuses. It’s much easier than having to transport a room full of belongings from their dorm rooms back to their childhood bedrooms.

Storage Tip: To ensure that you have the right size storage unit, rent it a month ahead of time.

Some storage facilities offer discounts for the first month, which could help you save money. You may find yourself in a smaller unit than you need if you wait too long.

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