cockroaches are invincible?

Who says cockroaches are invincible?

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If you think you’ve tried every trick in the book in your fight against cockroaches and still lost, you’ve probably not tried Mortein cockroach spray yet.

They are slippery and creepy, and they send a chill up your spine. The sight of a cockroach in your house should worry you, because not only is this pest an undesirable one, but it is also difficult to kill.

Cockroaches spread disease…

The hairs present on the cockroaches’ legs trap particles of the food or any substance that they have last walked on. This can also include slime and garbage! Imagine what happens when the legs of the cockroach come in contact with exposed food in your house – you may eat the food and feel really sick afterward. Cockroaches can cause a variety of digestive, respiratory and circulatory ailments.

The only way to get rid of the cockroach menace from your house is to arm yourself with a good cockroach spray like Mortein cockroach killer.

Why are cockroaches difficult to kill?

  • Cockroaches have a slimline body that is flat and hard. It is one of the slimmest creatures in the world.
  • They have a tough exoskeleton that protects the internal organs. Direct pressure applied on the cockroach only tends to compress the creature’s body a little bit, instead of crushing it outright. Thus, the cockroach is able to survive the pressure unless the exoskeleton is broken.
  • They can go for days on end without any kind of nourishment and still remain alive. Besides, they eat practically everything, from fresh food to rotting garbage.
  • Their bodies have a special coating of oil that repels most liquids. Thus, most of them will not drown in water but merely float on the surface.

How Mortein cockroach spray does the trick

Most cockroach sprays are unable to kill cockroaches. At best, they may just stun the creature before it revives itself in a few minutes. The best sprays like Mortein spray are able to kill the cockroach by penetrating through the oily film on its body.

After penetrating through the oily layer, the spray reaches the internal organs of the cockroach. From here, it begins to poison the creature. Soon, the cockroach begins to get dehydrated and suffocates to death. In a few minutes, it is dead and you can throw away the body.

You can also Mortein cockroach spray on the nest – find out where it is nesting and spray the area liberally. The spray kills little roaches as well as penetrates the eggs to kill the babies. Soon, the source of the infestation is killed completely. You can zap any stray cockroaches you find in the house.

Do use Mortein cockroach spray inside the floor and sink drains – this is a point of entry for most cockroaches. Do this every night before going to bed for a few weeks, and you will not have an infestation on your hands.

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