Which trends will shape the tech industry in 2023?

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Video Platforms

Video platforms have always been an essential part of the tech industry. They connect billions of people worldwide and give them quality content. For the last couple of years people mostly enjoy live stream platforms, and it’s not surprising that Twitch became the most popular video platform. Lots of influencers are earning money from Twitch by brand partnerships. You can also start influencing, but don’t forget to start with getting Twitch followers from a trusted brand.

The age of cryptocurrencies and digital money is dawning

2023 could be the year in which the digital financial world makes its way into the middle of society. The hype around Beeple’s $70 million blockchain artwork has shown that cyberspace lures with new promises of identity. What the digital world of finance has so far lacked is a real economy that it can relate to. There are increasing signs that the games culture and its enormous creative potential will grow into this new real economy in the next few years.

What happens when Facebook/Meta Platforms implements its currency plans with the Libra/Diem and soars into an online state in the Metaverse that controls every transaction of its users?

The banking license was already applied for in May 2020. Are we prepared for this? This is where the next digital challenge for business and society threatens. We shouldn’t let this opportunity create reasonable conditions for entering the Metaverse pass, as was the case with social media.

It is high time for society and politics to recognize and help control the next push towards digitization.

Empirical reality and cyberspace overlap, which will already shape new social and economic behavior in 2023. Are we really prepared for this?

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