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Which Games Have the Best Casino Odds?

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What’s more fun than hitting the local casino and winning big? Not much, although it’s the winning big that doesn’t always come through for the average player.

Taking home some winnings at your local casino is all about playing the odds, and that’s true at both a macro and micro level. Knowing which games offer the best casino odds is just one thing you’ll want to know going in to ensure you have something to head back home with later.

What casino games should you be sure to give a go? Read on and we’ll walk you through some of the basics.


As you can imagine, almost every casino game gives the house the edge when it comes to winning. If this wasn’t the case, the casinos wouldn’t be able to stay in business.

So the trick isn’t to find a game that is tilted in your favor but to find the game that is least tilted in the favor of the house. That game, with little competition, is going to be Blackjack.

This is a classic casino game, extremely popular both in-person and online. It features the best odds for players, and skilled players might actually be able to get the odds nearly to 50 percent in their favor.

Novice players aren’t likely to experience this kind of advantage, but with enough practice, you can get there. There just isn’t another casino game that’s going to offer you as good of odds at winning like that.


If there’s a casino game that’s even more iconic and beloved than blackjack, it’s roulette. This classic game dates back to the earliest casinos. Luckily for you, it also has some of the best odds for players.

There are different kinds of roulette – American, European, and French – but each offers fairly strong odds for those who decide to sit down at the table.

These days you can also gamble at roulette online using various gambling platforms. You can play river sweepstakes online and win big without ever even having to put your shoes on and leave your home.

Slot Machines (Some Of Them)

Slots are among the casino games that get the most play, simply because they don’t require much skill. You pull a lever and that’s about all there is to it.

For this reason, many slot machines are notorious money-takers, preying on the inexperienced and their lack of knowledge about gambling odds. However, there are some slot machine games out there that can actually offer good casino odds.

How can you tell the difference? Simply look into what the Return to Player ratio is for the game in question. This is the amount that the game has paid out over a certain number of spins. The higher the percentage, the more likely you’ll be taking money home.

Finding The Best Casino Odds

If you’re looking to win big on your next trip to the casino, you’ll need to get familiar with which games have the best casino odds. The above are all worth giving a go to next time you’re on that iconic carpeted floor.

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