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Where To Find the Best Burgers in Mt. Juliet

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When you think of Mt. Juliet, the first thing that comes to mind is…burgers?

You could always hit the same old restaurants for a burger, but where is the fun in that? With the Mt. Juliet location so close, you should take the opportunity to visit some restaurants that aren’t on the beaten path.

But which ones? And how can you tell a good burger from a great one? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered!

Whether you want an old-fashioned fast food joint or a nice sit-down meal, we’re here to help you find restaurants with the best burgers in Mt Juliet.

Two Boroughs Larder

Two Boroughs Larder in Mt Juliet serves some of the best burgers in town. Featuring fresh, sourced ingredients, their juicy, hand-crafted burgers are cooked to perfection and served with a wide selection of toppings.

Patrons can opt to craft their masterpieces or select from the restaurant’s offering of specialty burgers. The range of flavors they offer pairs well with their selection of side dishes, making it the perfect meal stop.

For those looking for a unique dining experience, Two Boroughs Larder also offers Steak Night on Thursdays. Here, they serve classic steak burgers, including the mouth-watering ribeye and blues, steakhouse, and traditional American. Add their signature sides and drinks, and you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

The Alley

A classic American restaurant that has been a local favorite since its opening in 2019, they offer an expansive menu of burgers and a wide selection of sides and dipping sauces. The perfect burgers are made with two thick, freshly-ground beef patties topped with American cheese, hand-sliced tomatoes, pickles, onion, and their signature sauce.

The patty is cooked to perfection, and the sauce kicks it. With hearty, succulent burgers and a relaxed, fun atmosphere, The Alley is an ideal spot to meet your hamburger cravings.


Located near Highway 70, Aya is a beloved local spot that serves up delicious handcrafted burgers, craft beers on tap, and various classic American favorites. The menu features classics like the classic Aya burger, topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle, as well as specialty burgers like the Greek lamb burger, topped with feta, tzatziki, tomato, onion, and Greek olives with the best dressings for burger.

Each burger is made with the freshest ingredients, cooked to order, and served on a freshly-baked brioche bun. And for those looking for something lighter, Aya also offers salads, sandwiches, and tacos.

Thurston Southern

Located on No lee ln, this popular eatery is known for its delicious burgers. Each patty is perfectly cooked, made with fresh ingredients, and placed inside a pillowy brioche bun.

The menu also features a variety of classic sides, such as french fries, potato salad, and even freshly-cut onion rings. What sets Thurston Southern apart is their refreshing cocktails to wash down your meal.

Making the Most of Your Burger Eating Adventure in Mt Juliet

If you want to find the best burgers in Mt Juliet, you can visit these restaurants. They are sure to provide you with an excellent dining experience with made, tasty burgers and great service. Plus, you can feel good knowing you’re supporting local small businesses!

So don’t delay. Grab your friends and try out the best burgers in Mt Juliet today!

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