Where to Buy Cryptocurrency

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The way cryptocurrencies are growing can no longer be ignored. It all started with Bitcoin but now we have hundreds of other digital currencies. Some of them even imitate the value of fiat currencies. Investing in crypto has earned many investors great yields and lots more people now want a piece of the cake.

This is the main reason that people are looking for reliable platforms to buy crypto. For seasoned crypto investors, this is not much of a challenge; but for newbies, finding a good crypto broker can be confusing. There have been unfortunate examples where newbie investors have ended losing all their funds to fraudsters — so caution is the key.

When looking for somewhere where to buy cryptocurrency, there are various options you can consider. If you are a newbie, you should ask for referrals from friends to the best platforms to buy crypto. Are you thinking of investing in crypto? Here are the top platforms to buy cryptocurrency from.

Crypto brokers or exchanges

Crypto exchanges are arguably the best options available if you want to buy and sell any cryptocurrency. Exchanges are a great option because they are safe and charge lower fees compared to other options. Most of them also deal with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Several fraudulent crypto websites have been created purporting to be genuine crypto exchanges; so, be careful when choosing one.

If you are searching where to buy cryptocurrency, one of the most reputable exchanges you can choose is NakitCoins. Here you can buy crypto instantly, conduct transactions of huge limits, incur low fees, and trade in a wide range of digital currencies. NakitCoins allows you to buy crypto coins online but you can also buy crypto with cash when you visit their offices.

Crypto ATMs

If you are having some reservations about buying crypto using crypto exchanges, then, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency using crypto ATMs. Cryptocurrency ATMs are a safe option to buy crypto although they charge higher fees than crypto exchanges, and are not available in all locations.

When you are visiting a crypto ATM, make sure you remember your correct crypto wallet address.  Although some ATMs will ask to scan the barcode of your wallet to get the address. You can then use the ATMs to access your crypto exchange account and buy crypto with cash which will then be transferred to your wallet address.

Buy crypto coins online on peer-to-peer platforms

Peer-to-peer platforms are also another option when it comes to buying cryptocurrency. These platforms help connect buyers and sellers of crypto. You can opt to conduct the transaction online or arrange for a face-to-face meeting, depending on how close the seller and the buyer are.

It is important to utilize escrow services when using peer-to-peer platforms to avoid being scammed. Escrow releases funds or coins only when it has been proved that payment has been made. Avoid going to meetings in suspicious places. Always have someone accompany you.


Many crypto enthusiasts are looking for reliable sites to buy cryptocurrency. There are several options you can choose from but it is also important to exercise caution to avoid being scammed. If you are going for exchanges, ensure you choose one that is reputable and has good independent reviews. Do not try out new sites just because they seem to have attractive offers as you may end up losing your funds.

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