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When to Flower Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know

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Did you know that hemp use dates all the way back to the Stone Age? Scientists have found hemp fibers in shards of pottery in China that were 10,000 years old!

If you are just beginning your journey into Cannabis growing, you have much to learn. However, you also have centuries of resources to help you out. Before you begin growing Cannabis for flowers, take time to make sure it is legal to grow and smoke in your state.

After you’ve established that, it’s time to learn to care for your plant. Keep reading to learn more about hemp and when to flower cannabis.

Benefits of Hemp Flowers

Why would one want to grow Cannabis for the hemp flower? Some research suggests hemp flowers are helpful for:

The cannabis flower works by reducing inflammation throughout the body. Reducing inflammation often reduces pain throughout the body.

Although some states still have restrictions, hemp is legal at a federal level. This is because it has a low enough concentration of THC to avoid the “weed high”.

When to Flower Cannabis

Cannabis, like any other plant, likes specific amounts of sunlight, nutrients, water, and soil. The key to when to flower Cannabis is timing. Consider the different stages of the Cannabis flowering timeline:

  • 3-10 days for seed germination
  • 3-6 weeks as a seedling
  • 3-16 weeks in the vegetative stage
  • 8-11 weeks in the flowering stage

The final stage of growth for your plant is the flowering stage. If you are growing your plant outdoors, flowering will occur naturally as your plant gets less light each day. If you are growing your plant indoors, you have more control over when your plant will flower.

Growing Indoors

To maximize the yield of your plants, consider these different factors.

There’s a myth that plants must be at least 60 days old. If growing from a clone, plants can begin flowering as soon as the plant has a solid root system. In ideal growing conditions, 60 days in the vegetative state allows maximum yield.

Another determining factor that lets you know it’s time to flower Cannabis is the height of your plants. Plants in the vegetative state grow taller faster. However, plants should always remain at least 1 foot away from the growing lights to avoid burnt flower buds.

Keep in mind the growing method you are using for your plants. A plant forced to flower early may only produce one large bud. Removing the leaves that receive less light at the bottom of the plant will give more energy to other flowers.

It’s Time to Grow!

Growing your own plant will take trial and error to know when to flower Cannabis.  These tips will help you cut down on the “error” part of that experiment so you can enjoy your flowers faster.

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