What to Know Before Visiting a Dispensary

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To date, 19 states, Washington, D.C., and Guam, have legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. In 39 states, people can buy medical marijuana. Legal weed may be available in your state, and if it isn’t today, it’s coming.

Are you wondering what you would do if you could visit a dispensary? Or maybe you’ve visited one in the past and aren’t sure about new protocols. Walking into a dispensary shouldn’t make you feel awkward.

To help you feel comfortable, here are a few things you’ll want to know when searching for a dispensary near me.

Is the Dispensary Licensed?

First of all, make sure that the state licenses the location. There are many different types of licenses available depending on where you live, so don’t assume every shop will sell recreational weed just because it’s legal in the state.

Their license determines what they can sell.

Some shops only sell medical marijuana, while others offer both medical and recreational products. In many states, you’ll also find retail locations that sell only CBD products.

In many dispensaries like this Aspen boutique, you’ll find apparel, home goods, and other cannabis-related products.

Bring Cash

If there’s a business where cash is still king, it’s the cannabis industry.

This is because marijuana sales are not yet legal under federal law, so dispensary owners can’t claim dispensary fees or taxes as business expenses on their taxes. Also, many banks will not work with cannabis-related businesses.

Dispensaries typically won’t accept credit cards. Many shops do have ATMs on-site or somewhere nearby if you don’t have cash or bring enough to cover your purchase.

Is Visiting a Dispensary Expensive?

Dispensary prices vary from state to state. In a dispensary in Colorado, you’ll pay much less than somewhere in Canada or Washington. Not only will the dispensary have different prices depending on the location, but they’ll also have different prices for medical vs. recreational products.

You’ll also find a menu with pictures and prices for each dispensary item in many dispensary locations. This will make it much easier to look through the options and decide what to buy.

What Else Should You Bring?

Before walking into a dispensary, you’ll want to be familiar with state laws that pertain to buying marijuana. In most cases, you have to be 21 or older and need a valid form of ID. Depending on the dispensary, you’ll either present your ID at the door or when checking out.

Suppose you’re visiting a medical cannabis dispensary, or you want to purchase medical products from a dispensary that offers both medical and recreational marijuana. In that case, you’ll also need a physician recommendation that can either come from your primary care physician or directly from a dispensary doctor.

Make Friends With the Budtender

Budtenders are dispensary employees who have extensive knowledge about medical marijuana products available at the dispensary. Most dispensaries require their staff to get certified so that they’re aware of the proper dosages, side effects, benefits, etc.

Many dispensary employees are also customers themselves, so if you’re looking for a dispensary near me, look for one that offers budtenders who have personal experience with dispensary products.

There Are No Dumb Questions

Lastly, make sure that whatever product(s) you choose to buy meet your needs and preferences. Each strain can affect people differently based on its unique combination of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about dispensary products, prices, policies, or anything else you’re wondering about. Don’t be embarrassed!

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