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What to Know Before Buying Medicine for Dogs

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According to the AVMA, pet ownership numbers are expected to go way up in the next decade. That means that soon, there will be tons of first-time dog owners learning the ropes of keeping their pets happy and healthy.

Many first-time dog owners are surprised to learn that their dogs need medication. This can be for physical ailments, like arthritis or Lyme disease, or it can be for emotional ailments like separation anxiety.

When you’re buying medicine for dogs, it’s important to know a few key things. Without doing a bit of research, your attempt to make your dog better can actually create more complications.

Ready to start learning how to take care of your pets? Read on to find out what you should know about buying medicine for your dog.

Always Talk to Your Vet

Maybe you’re noticing that your dog is experiencing seasonal allergies and you’ve read that you can give them a small dose of Benadryl to help. Maybe you want your dog to sleep better and you’re wondering if there are any sleep aids that you can give them.

Before you give your dog anything new, talk to your vet. Online advice is not one-size-fits-all. This is especially important if your dog already takes medications because some seemingly harmless substances can interfere with prescription dog medications.

Make Sure OTC Medicine Is Dog-Approved

Yes, there is considerable overlap when it comes to human-safe OTC medications and dog-safe OTC medications. However, that doesn’t mean that you should give your dog anything you find in your own medicine cabinet.

For example, many people are interested in CBD products for pets. CBD is safe to give to most mammals, but you should always buy pet-specific products because some human-safe carrier oils aren’t safe for your furry friends.

Go Easy on the Dosage

Another reason that you should talk to your vet before giving your dog something new is dosage. Oftentimes, you’re going to want to start with a low dosage and work your way up.

A gradual increase allows your dog to adjust to what you’re giving them. It also allows you to observe how your dog is reacting and stop giving them something that they aren’t reacting well to before it causes complications. Keep in mind that many medications will require consistent usage before you see positive results, so a lack of immediate improvement doesn’t mean that the medicine isn’t working.

Stay In the Know When Buying Medicine for Dogs

Now that we’re expecting a spike in first-time dog ownership, it’s time to start talking about the basics of pet health. Use this guide as a reference the next time you are thinking about medicine for dogs. Remember, always talk to your vet before making any changes.

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