What to Know About Lead and Cadmium in Childrens Jewelry

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The global jewelry market size was worth $294 billion in 2021. When you take a look around you, it’s easy to see why; practically everyone’s adorned with some type of jewelry. And yes, this includes kids.

If you have children, then they might be begging you to get a few pieces of their own. Be careful when buying jewelry for them though. Some brands use lead and cadmium, which can be harmful to your kids’ health.

Read on to find out more about these materials and how to avoid them.

Why Are Lead and Cadmium Bad?

Lead is bad for children because it can cause developmental delays. If they ingest lead, then your kids can get lead poisoning. The effects can be constipation, stomach pain, vomiting, and even death.

Cadmium can also cause the same symptoms if you ingest it (except death, which only happens in rare cases), although it needs to be in large quantities. But long-term exposure can cause kidney issues, and breathing in significant cadmium dust can harm the lungs.

How to Spot Lead and Cadmium in Jewelry for Kids

Unfortunately, you can’t visually tell if there’s lead in something.

Cadmium gives jewelry a shiny look. It’s blueish-white, and also makes pieces a bit heavier.

However, it’s difficult to tell if jewelry has either metal just by looking at it. Instead, you should practice smart jewelry buying.

How to Buy Safe Jewelry for Children

Cheaper jewelry (especially those made out of the country) often has lead in it. So paying a little extra will be worth it.

Also, the US has banned and limited lead use in things since 1978. So if you buy new jewelry made here, or pieces made after 1978, you’ll likely be safe. Look for pieces that have “made in the US” labels.

Whether you’re shopping in person or online for cute kids’ jewelry, check the product descriptions. If they’re vague and don’t say anything about heavy metal-free jewelry, then you should look elsewhere.

Generally speaking, mass-made pieces are more likely to have heavy metals in them. This means that not only are you supporting the local community by buying from independent artists, but you’re also more likely to get safer pieces for your children. You can rest easy if you’re buying 100% gold or silver jewelry.

Lastly, make sure you tell your kids never to put jewelry in their mouths. That way, they avoid ingesting harmful materials, and they can also keep germs out of their mouths.

Make Sure Your Children Are Safe

Lead and cadmium can be harmful to not only your children’s health, but also yours if you wear jewelry too. But if you’re careful when buying jewelry and don’t pick cheap pieces, you’ll look after your family’s well-being and avoid poisoning.

The main thing is to buy jewelry made in the US and to inquire about the materials used. If you aren’t able to get a straight answer, then it’s good to take your business elsewhere.

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