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What to Know About Hemp Papers Before Using Them

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It’s incredible to think that the hemp plant may have been harvested for around 10,000 years or more! One of the purposes of using hemp among other things was to make hemp paper.

Hemp went through a period where it was banned for 30 years, which was spurred on by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration at the time. Now we are seeing a relaxation of hemp laws and one of the more interesting things to come out of this is hemp papers.

In the end, if you could smoke with standard wood fiber papers or hemp papers, which ones do you think sound better to roll a classic joint? We assume you answered the latter? In any case, let’s learn more about hemp rolling papers and how easy they are to use!

Hemp Fiber Rolling Papers

It would seem logical to use hemp for rolling papers if you are going to smoke cannabis. However, it’s a pretty new pastime for people. Smoking with paper, in general, has only been around in the last few centuries.

Before this, people would smoke with corn husks in a similar way to how we use rolling papers.

It became a logical step for cannabis growers to shift towards hemp as fiber for rolling a classic joint. When you compare these fibers now to the classic rolling papers made from wood fiber, hemp versions are much thicker. The benefit of this is you are less likely to snap or break your joint when you’re packing in the good stuff.

Nowadays, hemp rolling papers are becoming extremely popular for rolling a joint Yes, you can pack your joints easier with this material, but you’ll gain a much better quality smoke than if you used standard tree papers.

Do They Contain CBD?

Unfortunately, hemp papers don’t have any CBD in them. They won’t get you high in any way either.

Their main benefits are:

  • They increase the quality of your joint with their flavor
  • Newer versions are thinner but very strong
  • They burn evenly but don’t affect your flower’s taste

These benefits make hemp rolling papers ideal for beginners. But, they are a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy a natural and easy to assemble smoke.

Plus, when you smoke with hemp papers, you’ll be helping to reduce the demand for wood fiber papers, meaning you will help save trees! And, burning hemp papers won’t produce the same effect as wood-based papers on our atmosphere, which is all the more reason to smoke with them.

We’ll give you one last interesting fact about hemp papers, which is, producers only use the male plant to make them. The female part is where all the cannabinoids and your cannabis comes from.

Switch to Hemp Papers

When you switch to hemp papers, we’re sure you’ll never look back! Smoking with hemp papers makes complete sense in a number of ways and overall will enhance your smoking experience in our opinion.

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