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What Services Do Lawn Care Companies Provide?

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A national survey found that 40% of Americans with a yard hire professional lawn care services. Although there’s always the option of maintaining your lawn on your own, hiring professional lawn care services is ideal for many homeowners for several reasons. These professionals can come to your property on a schedule that you set up with them.

This could be once or twice a week, depending on your needs. They’ll also offer a variety of lawn care services for you to choose from. What services do lawn care companies provide?

Each company will provide its own unique services, so it’s always ideal to check with each one. In the guide below, you’ll find a list of some common lawn care services you might expect your lawn care company to offer. Continue reading to learn more!

Leaf Removal

It’s not uncommon for a yard to become full of leaves during and after the fall. Trying to keep your yard free of leaves during this time can be a time-consuming challenge. A good lawn care company will rake, bag, and remove the leaves from your yard weekly to guarantee your yard stays clean.

This service is usually done when the company performs scheduled lawn mowing.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is commonly done once a week. However, many lawn care companies allow you to create your own unique schedule that best suits your lawn’s needs. A great lawn care company like My Elite Lawn Care will not only mow the lawn but will do so in alternating patterns to promote a healthy yard.

They’ll also conduct fine line trimming and blow off the sidewalks and pathways when done to leave a clean finish.

Lawn Maintenance

General lawn maintenance may include spring cleanup, bush trimming, bed edging, mulch installation, weed pulling, and fall cleanup. These services differ from regular weekly lawn mowing. If you believe your yard could benefit from one of these services, then do be sure to inquire about such services and schedule as needed.

Not all lawn care companies offer the same services, so doing your research first is ideal.


It’s always beneficial to find a lawn care service that also offers landscaping services. Landscaping services differ from regular lawn care services because these services place more of a focus on your lawn’s design.

A great landscaper can help transform your lawn into a backyard oasis.

What Services Do Lawn Care Companies Provide?

The best lawn care company will provide a multitude of services for your lawn. This way, you’ll only have to build a relationship with one professional company that can cover all of your lawn’s needs and provide lawn care advice when needed. What services do lawn care companies provide?

There’s no one true answer to this question, as all companies will offer their own unique services. However, the services listed in the guide above are some common ones to expect from your local professionals.

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