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What Questions Should I Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer When Hiring Them?

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According to the National Safety Council, there were more than 55 million injuries in the U.S. in 2020.

Were you recently involved in a bad car accident? Or have you experienced a bad fall or another kind of injury?

Any type of injury can throw you off course and throw a wrench into your normal everyday activities. When your injury was due to the negligence of another person, you deserve compensation to make up for the upheaval in your life.

Do you want to make sure that you hire the best possible attorney for your case? Keep reading to learn the questions you should ask a personal injury lawyer.

What Types of Accidents Have You Handled?

You want your car accident lawyer to have experience handling cases similar to yours. It’s important that the lawyer representing you has experience in handling personal injury cases as opposed to practicing another type of law.

They’ll be familiar with the type of evidence and records they’ll need from you. They’ll have expert witnesses in their contacts.

How Do You Assess the Case?

Once you give the lawyer all of the details of the case, ask what your chances are of getting compensation. An expert in the field will be able to give you a clear, unbiased assessment. They’ll tell you what it’s worth financially and tell you whether or not you should move forward.

It’s important to be truthful and thorough when going over the events leading to the accident. They’ll find out everything during the discovery process so be honest from the beginning.

It may not be what you want to hear, but they’ll give you a straight story to help you avoid the headache and frustration of pursuing a case without merit.

What is Your Success Rate?

Does the lawyer have a strong winning record? You want a tough and knowledgeable attorney working on your case with a good success rate.

What are Your Fees?

Sometimes those in the legal industry only get paid on a contingency basis meaning you only pay if they win your case. Ask potential representatives about their fee structure.

How much is the contingency fee? It’s typically somewhere between 25% and 40%.

How Long Does it Take to Resolve a Case Like Mine?

Ask about how long it typically takes to come to a resolution for a case like yours. Every case is different but an experienced lawyer will be able to give you a rough estimate of the timeline.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Now that you know the questions to ask a personal injury lawyer, you can be on your way to finding the right one for you. Set up consultations with the best law firms and choose the lawyer you feel will represent you fairly and honestly. You want the one who gives you the best chance at getting the outcome you desire.

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