What It's Like to be a Truck Driver

What It’s Like to be a Truck Driver: Travel, Adventure, and Freight

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Many people think that truckers have the ideal lifestyle because they get to travel to different places and meet new people. While truckers do get to travel and see the country, that is just a small part of what trucking is all about. Truck drivers face many challenges on their job, such as long hours and isolation from home life.

Truckers face a lot of challenges on the road. For example, there are instances when truckers meet accidents. When this happens, truckers need to hire a truck injury attorney so that they can deal with these accidents properly.

Being a truck driver is anything but easy. Therefore, you need to think hard about entering the trucking industry. After all, you might soon realize that a trucker’s lifestyle is not the ideal lifestyle for you.

What Being a Trucker is Like

Truck driving can be an exciting opportunity for people who want to travel on the job. However, truck driving can also be a lonely life. Truckers spend most of the day alone in the truck, which means that they have no one to talk to or hang out with during breaks at work.

Truck drivers commonly face unique challenges when on the road. Therefore, a truck driver’s life is anything but easy. Below are some important facts that people need to know about the life of a truck driver:

  • Truck drivers often suffer from depression and anxiety

Truck drivers are prone to developing depression and anxiety because of the truck driving lifestyle. On average, truck drivers work 70 or more hours per week. They are also away from home for long periods to complete their deliveries.

As a result, truck drivers feel lonely most of the time. With no one to talk to, they feel isolated which can cause depression and anxiety to set in. Therefore, it is important for truck drivers to find ways to improve their mental health outcomes to avoid succumbing to mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

  • Truckers have a higher risk of sleep apnea and obesity

Drivers who spend too much time in their trucks without getting out can develop health problems like sleep apnea and obesity. When truckers are forced to sit in their truck for too many hours without getting out, they gain weight which puts them at risk of heart disease, type-two diabetes, and cancer.

Therefore, truck drivers need to get out of their trucks regularly to prevent these serious health problems from developing. If this is difficult to work out, then truck drivers need to find a way to squeeze in physical activity during the day. This includes walking or biking to truck stops, parking lots, and rest areas around their trucks for exercise.

  • Truck drivers have a higher risk for stress

Most truckers face stress on the job due to irregular hours, tight deadlines, dangerous work conditions, long commutes home after a shift is over, and more. For this reason, truck drivers are at a greater risk of developing mental health problems like depression, anxiety disorders, and PTSD.

They also develop sleep disorders due to the lack of exposure to light that gives truck drivers insomnia or trouble falling asleep when they are at home. Truck drivers face a number of challenges not only during the workday but also off-duty as well.

For example, truckers may have to stay awake for long hours on their own time in order to meet deadlines or coordinate with customers and other truckers. They risk falling asleep while driving if they don’t take breaks regularly.

  • Truck drivers are at risk of developing truck driving-related injuries

Truckers also have to deal with truck driving-related injuries that include back pain, leg cramps, and neck strain from sitting for long periods at time. These factors make it difficult for truckers to stay healthy throughout their careers. Many truck drivers end up getting injured and having to leave the profession early.

Truck drivers have a very high truck-accident rate, which is higher than that of any other profession in the U.S. This is because truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road and truckers are often fatigued. This can lead to a lot of accidents that can be fatal.

Living Life as a Truck Driver

Even though there are benefits to being a truck driver,the challenges make it difficult for these people to really enjoy life. They spend most of their time on the road and away from home, which causes truckers to experience high levels of stress and strains many relationships with family members and loved ones.

Therefore, people should carefully consider the life of a truck driver before committing to this profession. After all, some challenges that come with this lifestyle might make people think that it is not worth the risks that they will be facing.

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