What is there in E-Cigarette Aerosol?

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E-cigarettes have been making waves since the time they were launched in 2007. The phenomenon quickly picked up worldwide due to its appeal, style, and ease. However, very few people actually know what the ecigs from E-cigarette Club aerosol contains? It has been a topic of concern for health practitioners and civil right activists for quite some time now. Since not enough studies and research have been conducted in this area over a fairly long amount of time hence, the composition of an aerosol is quite debatable. Some enthusiasts of the device term it as safe while others denounce this opinion. The house is still divided over the issue, and it does not seem that the debate is going to die down anytime sooner. However, there are some things that are quite certain regarding them. We present some pertinent points related to it over here.

  • Some substances have been verified – Although there is not much data regarding aerosol yet the presence of ultrafine particles in it have been confirmed. These can reach deep down into one’s lungs when inhaled and can be a source of worry. The presence of flavorings such as diacetyl has also been confirmed. An aerosol can also contain nicotine in it, and its presence can be confirmed by a product’s label. All these mentioned items can be there in an aerosol, but there are also some ingredients whose presence has not yet been verified.
  • Skeptics allege that there is ‘something more’ – Many skeptics have rejected claims that e-cigarettes are harmless. According to them, aerosol contains some cancer-causing chemicals in it. They also allege that volatile organic compounds are present in it that can be quite deadly for human health. Moreover, many health practitioners have said that it may contain heavy metals like tin, lead, and nickel. However, these claims are not yet substantiated with proper documents. Hence, these claims are still at a very preliminary stage to be considered.

An aerosol is an integral part of the device, and they are very important for it to perform correctly. Only with more time and research, the exact composition will be known.

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