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What Is the Most Important Vitamin? A Closer Look

Ever wondered if your body might be missing some key supplements? Have you found it impossible to eat as many fruits, vegetables, and other food categories each day as are necessary? It’s easy to be lacking in a few areas, especially when it comes to vitamins and minerals.

So what is the most important vitamin that you cannot skimp on? Keep reading to see how you can help your body by providing the nutrition it’s been missing.

Vitamin D

While it’s next to impossible to list only one vitamin, vitamin D is at the top of this list. This is because many people are missing or lacking vitamin D, and it’s necessary if you want a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamin D helps your body absorb phosphorous and calcium, which in turn helps you have strong bones and teeth. It also helps your immune system and is a preventative against cancer. It’s one of the best vitamins for keeping you strong and healthy and is important for children and adults.

You can get it from the sun, but you can also get vitamin D from fatty fish, eggs, and mushrooms. But even 20 minutes in the sun, three days a week, will help you get enough.

You can learn more from places like Wholistic Matters about nutrition and what you and your family may need. Learning about the best vitamins is very important when you have kids to consider.

Vitamin B12

Taking a B vitamin, but especially a B vitamin that contains B12, can be a great boost for your body. B12 can help keep your nerves and blood cells working well. It also helps your body turn food into energy so you can keep moving.

As we get older, the stomach can’t absorb B12 from foods as easily, so taking vitamin supplements might be a good solution. But it can also be found in eggs, milk, poultry, meat, and some fish.

Many other B vitamins are important and helpful when you want to live a healthy lifestyle. Be sure you consider how to get those nutrients in addition to B12.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A keeps you looking good in more than one way. It helps with your eyes and your skin and can boost immunity. It can also help you fight against chronic diseases.

You can get vitamin A from a lot of sources, but sometimes it’s a different form. Vitamin A comes pre-formed (retinol) or beta-carotene, which is activated by your body when consumed. You can find these different ones in different foods like broccoli, spinach, and carrots for beta-carotene, and eggs, milk, and cheese for pre-formed vitamin A.

The Most Important Vitamin

While the three vitamins above are very important to your health, it’s hard to declare one as the most important vitamin. Bodies need all kinds of vitamins and minerals to help them function well and stay functioning longer. So instead of choosing one to focus on, try incorporating a few of the above foods from each vitamin into your diet.

By eating a few more greens and getting some time in the sun, you’ll already be doing more for your body than you might have previously. And if these health tips feel useful, keep reading for more.

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