what is the disney vacation club

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

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Over 12 million amusement park goers visited Disney World throughout 2021. Some of those visitors used Disney Vacation Club points for their stay.

But what is the Disney Vacation Club and how does it compare to other vacation timeshare programs? More importantly, is the Disney Vacation Club worth it?

The following guide will explore everything you need to know about the DVC and how it works. Read on and decide if a Disney Vacation Club membership meets your vacationing needs.

What is the Disney Vacation Club?

The Disney Vacation Club acts as Disney’s version of a timeshare vacation program. It offers members priority access to bookings for major Disney resorts in Orlando, Vero Beach, Hawaii, Hilton Head Island, and California.

Originally started over 30 years ago, the DVC has much more to offer now than it did back in the day. Currently, there are 15 Disney Vacation Club resorts for members to choose from.

You have to buy DVC points if you want to become an owner, or “member” as it’s referred to. The only way to buy points is via Disney directly or a DVC reseller. Some resale shops offer buyer financing for DVC points.

How to Use DVC Points

As far as timeshare brands go, the Disney Vacation Club is an innovator in using a points-based system for memberships. Your DVC contract states how many points you’ll get annually.

You can buy as many DVC points as you want.  So, decide exactly how you intend to vacation to determine how many points you might need.

Disney Vacation Club points get used for making reservations at any of the 15 resorts across the USA. Memberships allow you to stay at a resort anytime you want as long as it’s available. Note that it’s difficult to make last-minute reservations for popular resorts.

DVC reservations tend to fill up fast due to high demand. However, each DVC contract includes a “Home” resort that gives priority bookings over other members. So, make sure to plan well in advance and choose your DVC home resort wisely.

Making Early Reservations

Members can make reservations at their home resort location starting 11 months before they check-in. Plan to book your trip almost a full year in advance for busy times of the year. For example, you’d make your DVC reservation in January for a stay around Christmas.

If you want to explore a different DVC resort outside of your home DVC resort, you can make a reservation 7 months ahead of time. It’s likely that you won’t be able to book resorts other than your home resort during peak times.

Keep in mind that you can bank your points if scheduling a DVC stay doesn’t work out during a particular year. The points build, so the following year you can use your stored points for an even bigger trip.

Understanding the DVC System

So, what is the Disney Vacation Club and when does it make sense to use it? It’s a points-based timeshare program that works well for those who love Disney and love having a variety of resorts to select from.

However, the DVC might not be for you if you’re only into spur-the-moment trips because they take a lot of planning. Take a look through our travel category for more vacation tips and tricks.

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