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What Is the Best Instrument for Beginners to Learn to Play?

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Did you know that playing an instrument can improve your long-term memory and help you remain mentally alert? Many people learn to play an instrument for fun, but others do so for health benefits. Whatever your purpose may be, the wide variety of instruments to choose from can be overwhelming.

If you’re wondering what the best instrument for beginners is, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to hear our recommendations for beginner musical instruments!


Known for the soothing jazz music it produces, the saxophone is a great option for beginner musicians. Saxophones are comprised of 3 basic parts: the body, the neck, and the mouthpiece.

Saxophones have a reed mouthpiece, which provides the opportunity to learn other reed instruments in the future.

According to, the best saxophone for beginners is the Alto Sax. It’s smaller in size, making it easier to play for long periods.

As with any instrument, learning to play the saxophone will take time and dedication. Don’t get discouraged, and keep practicing!


For beginner musicians, a classic guitar is a good option for your first instrument. Many songs use the same chords over and over again, meaning you should be able to play a full song after learning 2 or 3 key chords.

A guitar is made up of 6 strings, made from either steel or nylon. To play a chord, you’ll hold down the tops of some strings while strumming across the open base of the guitar.

As you become more confident in your guitar-playing skills, you can expand your ability by learning to play the electric guitar.

When you first start playing the guitar, you may find that your fingers are a bit sore from holding the strings down. Don’t let this deter you from practicing! Over time, your fingers will develop calluses that won’t cause you any pain.


While the piano is far from an easy instrument to learn, it is a good beginner instrument for a couple of reasons. Unlike other instruments, it’s easy to make the piano sound good right from the start.

You should begin with basic notes before moving on to the more complicated chords, which require you to play multiple keys at the same time.

Playing the piano also leads to improved coordination. When you play with your right and left hands at the same time, you strengthen your mind.

Learning to play the piano will also help set a baseline for your knowledge of music theory. This information will be helpful if you choose to learn another instrument in the future.

Choosing the Best Instrument for Beginners

At the end of the day, the best instrument for beginners varies from person to person. There are many easy musical instruments to choose from. Try a couple to see which one you enjoy the most!

Once you’ve chosen your beginner instrument, check out the music section of our blog! We have numerous posts about useful accessories, helpful tips, and insights into the music industry.

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