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What Is SAT, And How Can You Crack That?

SAT, Scholastic Assessment Test, is a systematized exam conducted by the College Board, an organization in the USA, to test the aptitude level of the students to get admission in the universities based on SAT score. This exam is conducted on two subjects; namely, mathematics and English, and this is What SAT Test (sat สอบ อะไร บ้าง, which is the term in Thai) is all about.

Format Of SAT

The exam is conducted in two parts with 800 points each and three hours of schedule. The first part is the math test with a time limit of 1hr 20min and 58 questions in 2 sets.

Math-test with a calculator: In this section, you can use a calculator where scientific calculations are needed to solve

Mat-test with no calculator: No calculator is allowed to solve any question as this section consists of multiple-choice questions with basic math.

The second part is the English section which tests your reading, writing, and language skills by which your communication skills and aptitude are seen. And this is What SAT Test is known for.

Tips To Crack SAT

Understand The Syllabus

Before preparing for any exam, know its syllabus and prepare accordingly. No need to study all the things and focus on the things that are needed for the particular exams like SAT

Schedule Yourself

Schedule your day and follow the routine daily that you have made. This will help you complete your syllabus within the time required with accuracy and provide a time for revision.

Work On Your Weak Points

Your weakness is your biggest, and the students feel lazy to work on it, but it can cause you problems during the exam. So, if you want to qualify for the exams like SAT, then know your weaknesses and start working from today itself.

Have A Reading Habit Daily

As you know, SAT consists of a reading and writing skill test, so it is necessary to have a reading habit to improve your English reading skill to help you score good points in the exam.

Start A Mock Test

For the preparation, a mock test is very necessary for any exam, and it helps to examine yourself and know how far your practice is going. The simulated test result will guide you to improve your weak points and allows you to prepare for the exam with more accuracy.

The above information tells you What SAT Test is and how you can crack it. This information may help you to crack the exam.

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