What Is Male Sexual Performance Anxiety?

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Do you have male sexual performance anxiety?

Satisfying your partner is one of the primary focuses of sexual activities. Depending on your performance, it can build or crumble your relationship. However, if you’re too conscious about satisfying your partner, it leads to stress.

Sexual performance anxiety is different from asexuality or sexual dysfunction. Male sexual performance anxiety can happen to anyone regardless of age. When enjoying sex is no longer possible, knowing what to do can help normalize your health.

Below are some facts to know about sexual performance anxiety. Read on and learn more.

What Is Sexual Performance Anxiety?

It’s a form of anxiety that starts when a person feels nervous before and during sex. The feeling is consistent, hindering your sexual performance. In this state, you feel more stressed, making it difficult to relax and enjoy sex.

Male sexual performance anxiety can lead to erectile dysfunction, affecting their libido. For women, it prevents reaching an orgasm despite the sexual stimulation.

Sexual performance anxiety relates more to the genitalia of a person, combined with self-consciousness. It affects the ability to stay erect for men while for women to naturally lubricate. Regardless, it’s detrimental to your health and relationship.

Causes of Sexual Performance Anxiety 

The cause of sexual performance anxiety goes beyond a single cause. It includes stress, physical problems, and psychological factors. Here are some:

Poor Body Image 

Lack of confidence is one of the greatest factors contributing to poor body image. Factors like height, weight, or ideal body type can lower one’s self-esteem. When this becomes ingrained in the person, it prevents them from performing well.

Another example of poor body image is genitalia fixation. We’re talking about male penis size or the tight factor of the female vagina.

It comes from cultural messages that create a false expectation for a person. Often, it prevents us from connecting to our loved ones and enjoying sex.

Fixation on Orgasm

The number of times your partner reaches orgasm is another cause of sexual performance anxiety. For example, you might think that your partner feels unsatisfied if they can’t reach multiple orgasms. It makes you doubt whether you’re good enough for your partner.

Stress Involving the Relationship

Conflict is common in a relationship and it can cause sexual performance anxiety. Every time you fight, it makes you question if can satisfy your partner. Emotional stress can affect your self-esteem or make you lose interest.

When conflict escalates, it can lead to abuse and play a role in sexual anxiety. Whether it’s physical or emotional abuse, it lowers self-esteem and the ability to see yourself as a person.

Poor Health

The lack of stamina and shortness of breath is common to everyone as we get older. It’s a cause of sexual performance anxiety because it leads to sexual avoidance.

You can do exercises to help maintain your body and improve stamina. Do you need exercises that focus on stamina building? If so, you can have more information here.

Daily Life-Related Stress 

Stress that we encounter daily contributes to your sexual performance anxiety. Elevated levels of stress make the body release hormones disrupting your hormonal balance. It hinders your ability to get erect or lubricate the vagina.

Symptoms of the Male Sexual Performance Anxiety 

For men with male sexual performance anxiety, they have difficulties getting erect. When you have a high level of stress hormones, it narrows the blood vessels. It weakens the flow of blood to the male penis.

Stimulating an erection becomes a challenge even for men who have no problems getting an erection. Once overcome with anxiety, it becomes an immediate problem. It’s the most noticeable symptom because of how simple it is.

Sexual performance anxiety can also affect women. No amount of stimulation can help them lubricate when anxiety hits. It makes sex difficult and painful.

What Can You Do About It?

The good news is male sexual performance anxiety is treatable. You can use medical interventions or take the time to do couple counseling. Other solutions include the following:

Consider Getting Therapy

Therapy can help relieve your mind of problems that cause sexual performance anxiety. You can learn how to change your lifestyle and reduce your stress levels. Through professional help, you can deal with anxiety and resolve them.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy has a great effect in reducing performance anxiety. It returns the balance of your hormone level, slowly returning your body to normal. With continuous treatment, your libido will stabilize.

Take Medications 

Prescribed medicine can help treat anxiety-related symptoms. There are two types of medicine available if you intend to treat anxiety.

Benzodiazepine’s medication can increase your sexual dysfunction but it’s good with anxiety. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs help in treating anxiety symptoms. It’s not good for treating sexual dysfunction—it can even worsen it.

Talk to Your Partner 

The best way to ease your worries is to talk with your partner about your anxiety. Sharing with your partner helps find a solution together. In the process, your bond with them develops and becomes stronger.

When to Seek Help?

It’s best to seek help right away when you confirmed the symptoms of male sexual performance anxiety. No one wants to let our partners down. Prioritize an immediate solution as soon as possible.

If you act fast, your relationship won’t deteriorate. Otherwise, your performance anxiety will start affecting your daily life. It can get so bad that it will control almost every aspect of your existence.

Treat Male Sexual Performance Anxiety Now

Male sexual performance anxiety deals a blow on one’s self-esteem. If you build up your confidence, you can overcome it. Use this guide now and learn how to treat your anxiety today!

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