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What Is Fiberglass? A Quick Guide

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Fiberglass was first commercialized in 1936. It’s one of the oldest reinforcing fibers used in polymer matrices.

The first commercial use of fiberglass was not the type we think of today. It was just an air filter. Since then, its uses have expanded, becoming one of the most common materials used today.

Using fiberglass in your projects is incredibly affordable. So what is fiberglass? Read on to find out.

What Is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is made from very fine glass fibers of varying diameters. The glass is formed into many small filaments that are heated and stretched to increase their length. This results in a fiber with a high tensile strength.

How Is Fiberglass Made?

The raw material used to make fiberglass is extremely thin strands of glass. These strands are made by heating sand and soda ash at very high temperatures until the two substances melt together and become liquid. Manufacturers can then draw the molten glass into long fibers using a process called viscous flow spinning.

Finally, these fibers are twisted together to form a strand that you can use in the manufacturing process.

Fiberglass Benefits

The benefits of fiberglass are numerous.

Fiberglass is non-toxic. It’s safe to use around people and animals. It has no residual chemical leachings that could cause harm if ingested in large quantities.

Fiberglass is also resistant to chemicals, oils, and some solvents. Besides this, fiberglass resists water damage better than most materials used in construction today.

Fiberglass Grating

Fiberglass grating is a type of industrial flooring used in walkways and overhead platforms. It’s highly customizable.

You can mold the material into different sizes and shapes. It’s also possible to change its color.

As with steel grating, the type of resin used to create the fiberglass grating has an impact on the strength and durability of the final product.

Companies can also make fiberglass grating in different mesh configurations to suit your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a way to make cleaning up spills on your factory floors easier, then perforated fiberglass may be suitable for you.

Fiberglass Uses

If you’ve ever seen a boat, chances are it has some fiberglass. Manufacturers also use this material in cars and airplanes.

Fiberglass is lightweight and easy to use, and you can mold it into just about any shape. This makes it an ideal choice for those who need strength and durability with low maintenance costs.

In addition, fiberglass has a low dielectric constant value. This makes it perfect for radio waves to pass through. It’s often used as insulation inside buildings that need radio waves.

Use Fiberglass in Your Next Project

Now you have an answer to the question, “What is fiberglass?” It’s a durable material that you can use in various applications. It’s also lightweight and easy to work with.

Once you get the hang of working with fiberglass, it will be easy to incorporate into your next project.

If you’re using fiberglass to add something new to your home, read our home improvement section before you get started. You’ll find information on all kinds of home improvement projects.

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