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What is depression?

A state of mind where we ‘decide’ to become blind to the entire universe and its existence and make our pain the center of it all. Sounds condescending, yet is the reality!

Almost every one – Human – would have been depressed at some point. The magnitude of the affect does vary from person to person. Reasons can be many – Love, Money, Success, some specific occurrences or events,  Life for that matter!  Why does it happen? What is the solution?

It is absolutely case specific and varies from individual to individual. We all strive and work towards things that we feel will complete us. Life itself is journey towards fulfillment! In that process not every goes as planned. That is the reality. If every thing goes just as planned, then we would be Super Humans! And not every one can be Super Human!

Disappointment, Heart-break, Sadness and all the feelings that come out of a situation that we never expected or always tried to avoid release a lot of chemicals in our mind which make them numb to Reality! Clouds our perception and makes us get distant emotionally with the rest of the World. At times, this condition gets so severe that we start to live in illusions and separate dimension even though we are physically present in the same World as others are.

Take Help! When you feel that control of your life is slipping from your hands – ask for help right away! Everyone needs help at some point – if not anything – just a lending ear and shoulder to lean on makes wonders! And it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help! Rather than losing yourself to the situation or the issue at hand – take help from your family, friends or a Professional who you can confide in and get back on track. Always remember – a Strong you can of be help to many and a lost you is a ‘burden’!

Somethings that you can try before seeking help are trying to analyse the situation, think of others who could have been in a similar situation and what could be done to ease things. The World is a smaller place than compared to earlier times and within reach! So reach out! Seek for answers – sometimes the answers are so close and yet we look for them in every wrong place possible. There are many solutions that come to your table – for any situation that you are in. You have to “choose” one fit for you and at the same time be vary of the after affects.

If with less than 10{2e7b4b4bb4237f7afb66ad59d59901d5cb12b0a6887a5429cb609a12635a799b} of utilization of the Human Brain, we can achieve so much – make so much difference in the World – there cannot be situations or events that we cannot overcome and move on. A Life is never worth letting go or succumbing to the situation. Fight and get back on track! No one else can do that for you. Choices can be offered, options shown and remedial suggested – however it’s you who has to make the choice! The choice to be strong, choice to not let go and choice to there for someone who might need you more than you think!




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