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What is Brand Voice and How Do You Develop One

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Since only 80% of small businesses will make it past the 2-year mark and only 55% will reach their 5-year anniversary, it’s important to make your startup stand out.

A personable and relatable brand voice is critical when making a name for yourself. But what is brand voice and how can you develop one? Read on to learn some basics, tips, and tricks.

What Is Brand Voice?

When a company talks with clients or posts content on its website, they take on a distinct voice. This voice is called a “brand voice,” and it’s a large part of building your company’s persona.

A brand voice is similar to an individual person’s tone, unique interests, sense of humor, and personality. You are essentially building your brand’s personality and ensuring that it is interesting and engaging to clients and customers.

This is important because consistency makes your brand presence stand out. People will like and relate to your brand persona. It will help to differentiate you from the competition and retain loyal customers.

What Makes for a Great Brand Voice?

The best brand voices are clear and unique. They also are personable. This means that they:

  • Sound like humans rather than robots
  • Make jokes when applicable
  • Use a warm but professional tone
  • Connect with the target audience based on shared interests
  • Speak with the target demographic in a way that specifically appeals to them

It’s important to be both kind and professional. You want people to like you, but you also want to position yourself as a brand authority.

Make sure that you’re interesting and unique. Make puns and speak to your audience as a human being would with contractions and shorter sentences. Don’t be overly formal and off-putting even in professional texts.

How to Develop a Brand Voice

It’s important to find your target audience before establishing a brand voice. Use Google Analytics or similar tools to see the demographics of those most interested in your services. You can learn their ages, occupations, incomes, and more.

Use this information to figure out what your target audience wants to see. Upper-level executives in their 40s looking for B2B services will naturally be interested in different content than 20something B2C consumers. The web can help you figure out what different demographics prefer in content.

Then, experiment with brand voices. Have your marketing team write a few blog posts or social media posts. See which ones go over best with your audience and lead to conversions.

Outsourced marketing teams can help you develop an awesome brand voice. Working with a professional means getting expert insight and assistance. You also will have the tools needed to assess your demographic, create engaging content, and stand out.

Make Your Online Presence Stand Out

So, what is brand voice?

In the most basic terms, it’s a way to distinguish yourself from other brands. It’s a way to inspire customer interest and loyalty.

Now that you know the basics of brand voice, check out the “business” tab on our home page for more information about how to make a name for your startup.

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