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What Is A Pontoon Boat and Why Should You Buy One?

In the old days, pontoon boats were made by two tubes connected by some material such as plywood. They were pushed around by an outboard which left a trail of belch smoke. Nowadays boat pontoons are much sleeker and more sophisticated than the old-fashioned ones. Most are still made with two tubes, but some even have a third tube, which makes them go really fast in the water and handle like V-hull boats. Many of them have a sleek design and bear lifting strakes and keels. There are multiple power options, like large and/or multiple outboard engines and stern drive powerplants. Their interiors can also be quite nice. It’s not uncommon to see comfortable seats, moveable tables, wet bars, bathrooms, carpet, and a complete sound system with stereos, and light for underwater and mood lighting. It’s like having a moveable living room with a view.

When you are ready to buy a boat, you might be wondering why you would buy a pontoon, versus a yacht or any other fishing boat. Here are a few good reasons to consider buying a pontoon:

  1. Pontoons can hold a lot of passengers. Boat pontoons are not just for small, impromptu fishing trips anymore. This may come as a surprise to you, but pontoons are great for parties, fishing trips, tours, and get-togethers. How many people your pontoon can hold depends on the size of your deck. A small 16-19 foot pontoon deck can hold up to 8 people, a medium-sized 20-22 foot pontoon deck can carry up to 13 passengers at a time, and a large 23-27 foot pontoon deck can carry up to 15 passengers.
  2. A pontoon is great for recreational activities. People love to relax on pontoons. With their stability and so many great amenities, they are great for a variety of activities. Some people enjoy sunbathing on the uncovered deck. A wet bar is great for hanging out and enjoying a nice sunset with friends or family. A great sound system will have everyone up and dancing across the waves. A pontoon boat is also easy to get in and out of for swimming or water sports. Fishing is still a lot of fun with pontoons and that fact hasn’t changed over the years. If you are planning on catching some big ones, make sure to look for a pontoon boat with at least two fishing chairs on the front deck, a fish locator and a live well.
  3. Affordable prices. A small, simple pontoon can cost around $11,500. Your average pontoon boat will cost around $20, 500. If you want something more powerful or upscale with lots of amenities, costs start around $35,000-$40,000. The price depends on the size of the engine, size of the boat, and the types of amenities aboard the boat.

Overall, a pontoon is a great boat to consider if you enjoy stability in the water, large groups of people, water sports, and recreation.

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