What is a Jammer

What is a Jammer? And Why You Might Need One

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We live in an era of great danger. You don’t know who is viewing what you search for or who they are selling this information to. It is now difficult to go outside without being watched or recorded by drones and cell phones. That’s why WiFi jammers are popular among people who value their privacy. Although it may sound like something from a movie, a WiFi jammer (Brouilleur WiFi) could be right in your backyard. Here are the details and reasons you might need one.

What is Signal Jammer?

Signal jammers are signal-blocking devices that transmit synchronized radio waves at a frequency similar to the WiFi network or cell phone in order to blur their signal. Companies and individuals are increasingly using jammers to make these devices obsolete. You can find different kinds of signal jammers online: cell phone jammers, WiFi jammers, GPS jammers, and even drone jammers. They are designed to block different radio waves in different frequency bands. Also, there is an advanced jammer that can block multiple signals at the same time. (Source: Brouilleur D’onde)

WiFi Jammer

WiFi jammers can disrupt wireless networks to prevent anyone’s access to the internet. Once the jammer is activated, it will send interference signals to disrupt the nearby routers. All the smartphones, laptops, or tablets connected to that routers will lose WiFi connection. Companies that deal with sensitive information are likely to prefer these jammers. Today’s WiFi signals are running on 2.40 and 5.0 GHz; some jammers can block them with one single device, and that’s usually used by companies in their office and meeting room.

The WiFi Mini signal blocker is smaller and more portable than the 5GHz. This WiFi jammer can be carried in your pocket and protects 10 meters no matter where you may be.

The jammer can be used to protect sensitive data from being stolen or altered away from your office or home. It can last up to 2 hours on a full charge and is ideal for those who prefer to feel more secure with some privacy between their devices and others.

Drone Jammers

The laws surrounding drone flying are vague. It is legal in some parts of the country to fly over private property. You never know what equipment may be attached to these drones and who might be controlling them. A drone jammer is the best defense against these flying devices.

Blocking a drone is easy with drone jammers. When you turn on the jammer, it will generate noise signals to its coverage. The coverage of a drone jammer can range from 80 to 500 meters. All drones heading into this coverage will land on the ground automatically because the connection between the drone and the operator has been disrupted. Know more here.

The Bottom Line

Everyone has their reason for using the signal jammers. But we believe blocking the signals is your last weapon to protect your safety or privacy; you should try other methods before you go for a jammer. And you have to be careful when using such devices because they are not illegally to be used in some countries. It’s always recommended to buy a jammer that only blocks a short range to minimize the negative impacts on others.

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