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What Is a Condolence Flower? When Is It Given?

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When someone you know passes away, it’s hard to know how to act. Do you send cards? Flowers?

How do you support someone who has lost someone close to them without making them feel they are all alone?

In these trying times, flowers can help offer a delicate way to support a grieving family. While it may seem like an unlikely gesture, a sympathy flower can show them how much they are cared for while they go through this tough time.

But what do the flowers mean, and when is the right time to get them?

If you’re wondering what a condolence flower is and when is the right time to give one, this article’s for you. Let’s get started.

What is a Condolence Flower

A funeral flower is a type of flower arrangement sent to honor or acknowledge someone grieving the loss of a loved one. The flowers vary, including carnations, lilies, roses, orchids, and chrysanthemums.

Deepest sympathy flowers are a sign of love and appreciation for the person who has passed away. It acts as a reminder that the bereaved are not alone and that you share their pain.

When to Send Condolence Flowers

Ideally, the flowers are sent right after knowing about the person’s death. Be sure to check with the family first if it’s alright to send one since the family might have customs and traditions that they follow, and you would not want to offend them during this difficult time.

Condolence flowers are typically sent at funerals or sent to the home of the deceased or the bereaved family members.

Why Do You Send Condolence Flowers

Condolence flowers represent one’s sympathy and support for the bereaved family. It is important to send one, especially if the grieving family is a close personal friend or a distant relative.

How to Send Condolence Flowers

Sending sympathy flowers is a kind, and appropriate way to honor the deceased and extend your condolences when attending the service is not possible. While many florists can design and deliver sympathy flowers, it is possible to create an individualized collection of flowers to express your feelings and thoughts.

The most popular condolence flowers are wreaths, bouquets, sprays, and crosses. Reach out to the nearest florists near you and inquire about their services.

Once a floral style has been selected, include a condolence message card in the flower order, so the recipient knows who the flowers are from. Regardless of the type of flowers chosen, your thoughts and prayers will be deeply appreciated but the family.

Choose a Condolence Flower to Send Sympathy

Sending sympathy flowers is a meaningful way of expressing your support and sympathy to a grieving family. It is a noble gesture that is worth emulating and practicing. Now that you know the rationale behind condolence flowers, it’s time to start preaching what you have learned.

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