Knockdown Rebuild

What Does a Knockdown Rebuild Project Entail?

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If you already own a house, but it is not serving your needs, you need to make an important decision. You can sell your house and either buy or build a new one somewhere else, you can remodel your existing house to meet your needs better, or you can tear down the existing house and build a new one on the same property. The third option is referred to as a knockdown rebuild.

There are many reasons someone may choose the rebuild option, even though it sounds like more work than the other two options. First, if you want or need to stay in a specific area due to your job or the school district, the house’s location is going to be critical. Keeping the property is a logical choice if you can’t find a house that will fit your needs or is within your budget within the area you need to stay in. Renovating the current house may not be a feasible option depending on the renovations you would need to do. For example, if the house is too old or rundown and needs a lot of work, it may be more feasible to knock it down and start over. Here are the general steps you’ll need to take if you are considering the knockdown option.

Drawn up for the new house that will work on the existing property.

To reuse your current property, you will need to get house plans that include everything you want in your new home but work on the existing space. This may include working trees into the concept or removing trees that are around the existing house. This may limit the size of the new house you are going to build, or if you need to, you may have to build up, as opposed to out, to make the new house fit on the existing land. This is not something you would need to consider if you were buying new. However, with a knockdown, you have to work within your land limitations.

Knockdown the original house.

Once you have plans, you need to arrange the demolition of the old house. Depending on how old the house is, you may need to call a specialist to remove any asbestos or lead-based elements. If there is anything you want to reuse like doors, windows, molding, or anything else, you will need to remove it all before the demolition begins.

Prepare the land for a new house.

Once the land is ready, the building can start. Working with one contractor who can get you through the entire project will be the least stressful. However, if you want to do portions of the job, you need to work that out with your contractor ahead of time.

Complete the interior design of the new house.

Once the house is built, you can design the inside how you want it to look. After all the thought and work that has gone into the project up to this point, it is important to get the house set up exactly the way you want it. Working with companies like Dennis Family Homes can allow you to work with the same company from drawing up the new plans to decorate the new home.

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