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What Could be the Top Uses of Your Extra Space?

Every day, people are working for more than 8 hours just to sustain their living costs. For this reason, individuals are looking for ways to save and invest. One way to do that is through making the most of the spaces in your home. Say you have a wide backyard or an extra property nearby, don’t be afraid to turn it into an income-generating space. All you need is a good plan, a great budget, and a group of experts that can point you to the right direction, such as Fox Transportables. Here are four ways to maximise your home space:

Home Office

Today, people have a variety of ways to work. Some are freelancers, others are home-based. These methods are created to help people of various ages to adapt properly to their roles and lifestyles. For those who need some remote workspace, a transportable office is highly recommended. You’d avoid the traffic, you have more time for your family, and you get to save on costs. Of course, the only expense that you’ll need to invest in first and foremost, is the conversion of your workspace.

Granny Flat

You can convert your extra space or home into a granny flat to house your older loved ones. Not only will you take better care of them but you could also visit them any time, which they need. Granny flats are becoming a thing these days because they can be transformed into another revenue-generating accommodation. If you’re having the space rented by somebody else, be sure to discuss the cost of amenities, lawn care, maintenance, and more.

Portable Buildings

Another use of your extra space is building an apartment. There are plenty of people who are looking for affordable and accessible places to stay in. It would be a huge advantage if you’re near the business district. Your apartment can become a passive income, which will help you pay off your mortgage or student/family loan. This is one of the best ways to pace yourself into financial freedom. Just be sure to plan carefully before actually turning this part of your property into a rental space.


Now, eco-homes are one of Fox Transportables’ best creations. These transportable homes have a unique design that lets the tenants live in maximum comfort and savings. Our eco-homes feature a six to eight energy rating, have double glazed windows, fully insulated roofing, and can be assembled within 7 days’ time. Eco-homes are generally more cost-effective, energy-efficient, and practical than other home types. You can also pick the design and style that you prefer.

You never know if your plan will work, unless you try it. If you can save and earn more, wouldn’t you take the opportunity? Hopefully, we were able to provide an excellent array of solutions. If you want to learn more about us, give us a call today on (08) 6377 8335 or 0449 634 100.

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