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What Competitive Advantages Do Technologies Give To The Logistics Industries?

Competitiveness is the main aspect that constantly drives people to improve the customer service quality in every company. Apart from competent, well-learned sales outlets’ personnel and a thoroughly-planned advertising campaign, the logistics department’s work is crucial to reaching the market competitive abilities. Additionally, the optimization of supply chains may help to get the maximum volume of profit with minimal expenses.

In order to boost your business performance and decrease production expenses, many companies have been implementing the special software and technologies over the last few years. Apps focused on the analysis of sales turnover processes and the formulation of schedules and routes for product shipments. We will tell you in detail which company performance niches may require such soft.


Practically any modern teenager that is fond of hacking will be able to gain access to the in-house data, unprotected with the help of dedicated protocols and certificates. In order to avoid this, many business owners decide to involve blockchain-based software in their supply chain schemes. Such an approach may guarantee that the data entered in every info block wasn’t accessed without authorization.

Scheduling and route planning for product shipments

Blockchain business applications are able to automatically schedule product shipments and provide the shortest routes for their delivery due to the ability to process and analyze large volumes of data simultaneously. This allows saving on transportation without any negative outcomes and exclude the expenses over spoiled products that remained in stock for too long.

Service quality

Due to the solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT), companies get a great opportunity to monitor all product supply stages and check how much your shipment conditions correspond with the regulations. You can boost the speed of delivering products to customers in such a way and ultimately enhance the level of service quality.

Workflow automation

Automation of workflow is the most probable future for most large-scale organizations. Instead of employing human labor, it is much more profitable for companies to use automated equipment and robots, which would restlessly complete various routine tasks day in, day out.

A company’s economic state analytics

Even the most experienced, talented economist won’t be able to handle all the loads of data and complex calculations. Moreover, when it comes to analytics and reports, many mistakes and errors can be caused by the smallest inaccuracies. You can’t let the involvement of incorrect data during the formulation of predictions. Companies purchase special apps to automatically process Big Data to exclude any flaws.


The specialized software maximizes the efficiency and performance rate of any business, thus, helping to increase the total income. If you want to create a business automation solution, in other words, a custom software for logistics management – we are Artelogic, nice to meet you, let’s work on your project!

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