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What are the Steps for Making DIY Wood Signs?

When it comes to making DIY custom wood signs, there is no one-size-fits-all method. In other words, there are different ways you can explore to make your wood signs.

Below, we will give you a simple step-to-step guide for making DIY wood signs:

·       Acquire the supplies

Of course, you can make DIY wood signs without getting some essential supplies. Therefore, the first step to creating custom wood signs is getting the materials. For this particular method, the supplies you need include plywood, sandpaper, paintbrush, paint or stain, etc.

·       Prepare your plywood

Generally, most individuals prefer using a piece of plywood for making a wood sign. This is because plywood is easy to cut and utilize for the signs. With the aid of a piece of sandpaper, sand the edges of your wood. Also, get rid of any splinters on the edges.

If you notice any dust on the wood after sanding it, get a dry brush to clean the edges. You can use a damp cloth instead of a dry bush.

·       Paint or stain your wood

Paint the plywood any color you want. However, it is usually more aesthetic if you use a dark color such as dark brown. Alternatively, you can just stain the plywood.

Afterward, leave the plywood for about one hour. This is to allow the paint or stain to dry.

·       Paint the sign

Select a color for the custom wood sign and apply it over the board you created with plywood. You can use one or two coats of paints.

·       Put your stencil on the board

The next step is to apply the stencil on the board. If the stencil is small, it can be placed on the board and held with your hands. However, holding a larger stencil in place may require you to utilize a spray adhesive.

·       Put paint over the stencil

Now, you need to get a paintbrush. Dip it into a small amount of paint. Swirl the brush lightly over the stencil. Make sure you touch every area of the stencil. Instead of a brush, you can also utilize a dobber or foam brush.

·       Remove the stencil

At this stage, the process is almost complete. The last thing you need to do is to remove the stencil. You must be careful while removing the stencil so that you don’t ruin everything you have been working on. Now, your DIY custom wood sign is ready for use.

Notably, you may want to add a frame to your wood sign. You can either buy a ready-made frame or just make one yourself with a piece of plywood that is cut to the dimensions of your design. Afterward, just attach the frame to your board.

This method is simple, straightforward, and quick as long as you can adhere to the instructions. Resultantly, it is recommended for beginners that have never made custom wood signs before.

Once you have made these custom wood signs, you can fit them into your office, home, and other places.

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