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What Are the Signs You Need a Divorce?

According to the Institute for Family Studies, more than half of married Americans aged 25–50 have thought about divorce at some point. The fact of the matter is – more than 50% of marriages do end up in divorce if spouses don’t resolve their issues.

Relationships are hard and take work but sometimes, no matter how much you try, there’s nothing more you can do than file for divorce.

Read on to learn about the major signs you need a divorce and how to recognize them in your marriage.

You’re Not Happy

One of the first signs of divorce is that you’re not happy in your marriage. You don’t have fun together, don’t feel close to each other, and don’t have the same interests anymore. This unhappiness doesn’t happen overnight but if you constantly feel miserable, drained, and unfulfilled, it might be time to talk to your spouse about this.

You Don’t Communicate With Each Other

A lack of communication is among the top divorce signs. It can show up as constant fighting, not talking about important things, and only communicating when it comes to the household or the kids.

Sometimes, communication issues can be resolved with couples’ therapy but when therapy doesn’t help, it’s a sign you may need to get a divorce.

You Actively Avoid Your Spouse

When you actively avoid your spouse, prefer to be alone, and don’t want to be near them, you may need a divorce. When you intentionally do things on your own just to be away from your spouse, it’s a sign there’s trouble in paradise.

In this case, consider getting an uncontested divorce as one of the simplest types of divorce for both of you. You can separate amicably and still stay on good terms after the divorce.

There’s a Lack of Intimacy

Marriage problems can often lead to a lack of intimacy between the partners, which manifests as not having sex for weeks or even months. For most married couples, sexual intimacy is a major factor contributing to a good marriage. If you had regular sex before and don’t want to anymore, it might be time to get a divorce.

The Criticism and Abuse Are Frequent

When communication is non-existent in marriage and one or both spouses start getting at each other’s nerves, there may be a lot of criticism and abuse between them.

This is an urgent sign it’s time to either resolve your issues in therapy or get a divorce because neither of you deserves constant criticism, negative emotions, and emotional or physical abuse.

These Are the Most Important Tell-Tale Signs You Need a Divorce

Whether this is your first marriage or you’ve been married before, the signs you need a divorce are almost always the same. Being unhappy in your marriage, along with communication issues and avoiding your spouse are things you shouldn’t ignore.

Need more relationship and marriage advice? Check out the rest of the posts we’ve written on these topics and stay tuned for the best advice on how to improve your love life.

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