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What Are the Different Types of Flagpoles That Exist Today?

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There are two things all Americans love: freedom and flags. Americans buy 150 million American flags every year.

One reason why is flagpoles. You can fly the best flags on several types of flagpoles. But finding the perfect flagpole can be a little tricky.

What are common poles for homeowners? What should businesses buy when they want a pole? Is it possible to have a flagpole inside?

Answer these questions and you can be a patriotic and smart homeowner. Here is your quick guide.

Residential Flagpoles

Residential flagpoles vary significantly. Some cities do not allow flagpoles in yards, so residents place a small pole on their patio.

You may be able to place a pole on the side of your house. You can hang different types of flags from it, including decorative spring flags.

Most residential flagpoles are made with aluminum. An aluminum residential flagpole can withstand wind and rain, though it can dent and chip.

You may be able to buy a telescoping flagpole. You can hook your flag to the pole and then raise it upward on a pulley. Many people consider telescoping poles to be the best flagpoles because flags are easy to attach to them.

Commercial Flagpoles

Commercial flagpoles tend to be sturdier and larger than residential poles. Many companies like to fly corporate flags and perform lowering ceremonies for the American flag at the end of the day.

External halyard flagpoles place the rope outside the pole. You can attach the flag to the rope and then pull on the rope to raise the flag upward. When you want to lower the flag, you can feed the rope into the pole.

Internal halyard flagpoles conceal the rope. Ropes can be distracting and they can flop around in the wind. Internal halyard poles tend to be more expensive, though someone can find one for a few hundred dollars.

Indoor Poles

Most people assume that they cannot put a pole inside their house. If you have enough room for one, you can bring one inside.

Indoor poles are small and compact. You can find gold poles, which can make your flag seem official and extravagant. You can place a topper such as a fold eagle to go over your flag.

Make sure you put your pole inside a solid base. A pole can fall over if someone knocks into it or if an air current is strong enough.

The Best Types of Flagpoles

There are a few great types of flagpoles. Residential poles have aluminum, which is lightweight. If you’re worried about attaching your flag, you should get a telescoping pole.

Commercial flagpoles can be hundreds of feet tall. An external halyard pole is cheap, but an internal halyard pole can look better.

Indoor poles are small and beautiful. Feel free to find a gold pole with an eagle topper.  You should buy a base that keeps your pole secure to the ground.

Flagpoles are one way you can show American pride. Read more Americana guides by following our coverage.

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