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What Are the Different Types of Deer That Dwell in the Woods Today?

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Did you know about 36 million deer live throughout the U.S. right now?

Some states, like Rhode Island, only have about 18,000 deer living in them. But others, like Texas, have more than 5 million deer living in them.

There are also all different types of deer scattered throughout the country. If you’re someone who enjoys hunting, it would be well worth learning about all the various deer types. It’ll give you a better indication of which deer species would be the best deer for you to hunt.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the different types of deer that dwell in the woods. Continue reading to find out more about them.

Whitetail Deer

Of all the different types of deer on this list, whitetail deer are probably the most common. They’re also the types of deer that are most often associated with hunting deer.

It can be difficult to spot a whitetail deer at first because the colors of their coats tend to change each season. But they have very prominent white markings underneath their tails that make them stand out.

Whitetail deer can be as small as just 100 pounds or as large as more than 300 pounds. Male whitetail deer grow antlers that they’ll use to “fight” with one another during mating season.

Blacktail Deer

You might think it would be easy to differentiate whitetail deer from blacktail deer based on their names. But like whitetail deer, blacktail deer also have white markings underneath their tails.

The thing that separates blacktail deer from whitetail deer is the fact that their tails are completely black in most cases. They also have large ears that move independently, which is another thing that sets them apart from whitetail deer.

Blacktail deer don’t grow to be as big as whitetail deer in most cases. They’ll usually fall somewhere in the 100- to 200-pound range. They also have very distinctive antlers that grow symmetrically and look different than the antlers found on whitetail deer.

Mule Deer

You might not think you would find many deer wandering around in the country’s deserts. But mule deer are known to congregate in deserts in both North and South America.

Mule deer have forked antlers and tails that look almost like they were dipped into a container of black ink. They have white markings on one of their backsides, and they can grow to be quite large. It’s not uncommon for some mule deer to get to be 7 feet tall and almost 300 pounds.

Because of their large bodies, mule deer have become some of the most appealing hunting deer in the country. If hunters are able to track them down in the desert, they’re more than happy to take their best shots at bagging them.

Red Deer

You won’t find as many red deer in the U.S. as you’ll find other types of deer. They’re native to Britain, so it’s pretty rare to find them in America.

There are, however, some large red deer populations in Texas and some of the surrounding states. Red deer are easily identifiable thanks to their unusually large heads and, of course, their reddish coats.

Red deer also have very distinct antlers that stand very tall with multiple points on each one. These antlers are one of the world’s main sources of deer antler velvet.

There are many benefits of using deer antler velvet products. You should take the time to learn more about them.

Chital Deer

You might have a tough time identifying certain types of deer without seeing them close up. But even from a distance, it’ll make hard to mistake chital deer for other types of deer.

Chital deer, which are also referred to as axis deer, have white spots all over them that will remain throughout the course of their lives. They also have very tall antlers with at least six points, if not more.

Chital deer tend to be on the smaller side, as they’ll usually only weigh between 70 and 170 pounds. But they’ve still managed to become a favorite among hunters because of their antler size.


As you may have noticed by now, there are some types of deer that can grow to be quite large. But very few of them ever grow to be as big as elk.

Elk, which have copper brown coats, can get to be as tall as 9 feet when you include their antlers. They can also weigh anywhere between 500 and 750 pounds.

Many of the country’s elk populations disappeared throughout the 1900s. But there have been conservation efforts made to save elk, and it has resulted in some of these populations starting to grow again in the western U.S. and parts of Canada.


Some people are under the impression that reindeer are fictional Christmas characters. But there are, in fact, reindeer living among us!

Most of the reindeer in this country live up in Alaska. But they’re also found in other places like Canada and even China.

Unfortunately, reindeer can’t actually fly like they do in so many Christmas movies. But they do have the same distinct antlers that they’re usually portrayed with in these movies. It makes it easy to identify them when you come across one.

Look Out for These Types of Deer From Now On

When you see deer creeping out of the woods in whatever part of the U.S. you live in, you might think they’re all the same types of deer. But as you now know, there are so many different types of deer that live throughout the country.

You should take a closer look at a deer the next time you see one. You should be able to identify wild deer better now based on everything from their height and weight to their coats and markings.

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