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What Are the Different Types of Cremation Services?

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In 2020, death in the US increased by 17.7%. While the rate of cremation of the dead increased after COVID-19, the adults who passed away in 2020 were the first cohort to experience a massive spike in cremation.

Cremation is a relatively new phenomenon in American culture, having only gained popularity in the last century.

While cremation is a legal and viable option, it’s only in the last few years that it’s become the norm. Its legality, though, means it’s important for those who lament for the dead to know the available services.

This article will explore the different types of cremation services.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation does not involve visiting a funeral home or having a ceremony. With direct cremation, the body is given to the funeral home and cremated. Without visitation or a ceremony, the family collects the cremated remains or scatters them within a few days.

This is one of the most affordable cremation services and a fast option since no services or ceremonies are included in the cost.

There is no funeral service, no casket selection, and no visitation. Direct cremation also eliminates the need for embalming. Additionally, it allows families to plan and arrange a service or ceremony for the deceased at a later date without adhering to the time frames and scheduling of a funeral home.

Cremation with Memorial Service

A cremation with a memorial service is when a funeral is conducted after a cremation. This process allows families and friends to pay their respects to deceased loved ones. Throughout the ceremony, eulogies and tributes are shared, honoring the deceased’s life.

The service may also include an urn selection if an urn is desired. Depending on the wishes of those involved, this type of service may include a ceremony, a memorial service at a church, and even live streaming. A memorial service after the cremation is a helpful way to find closure and start the grieving process.

This may take place weeks or months after the cremation. For more information, check cremation services located here.

Cremation with Funeral Service

Cremation with a funeral service provides families with a more traditional approach to memorializing their loved ones. A visitation and funeral service can be held before the cremation, allowing family and friends to gather to pay their respects and say goodbye.

Options are available to personalize the service and honor the memory of the departed. After the service, the body is taken to the crematory, where the cremation process is carried out. Once the process is complete, the cremated remains are returned to the family, where they can be scattered or buried, or a memorial service or private viewing can occur.

A memorialization such as a headstone with the name and dates of the departed can then be added to the final resting place to honor the memory of the one gone permanently.

Cremation Services For Your Departed Ones

Cremation services are key to memorializing a loved one who has passed, which comes in various types. After researching the different options, you can now decide what type of cremation is right for you or your family. Contact a local funeral home for more information and get the cremation process started.

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