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What Are the Common Ways to Advertise Your Business?

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Did you know that small businesses spend around 10 percent of their revenue on advertising and marketing? With competition getting fierce, it is more important than ever to have a solid advertising strategy when growing a business.

Have you ever thought about creative ways to advertise your company? Here is a guide to get you started on the path to a successful business.

Search Engine Ads

When you put in a query on a search engine, there are always results that come up at the top of the list. These are sponsored results, which companies pay for in order to get prime spots on the results list.

Search engine ads are a guaranteed way for people to view your business website when they search for certain keywords. This way, your site will be the first thing they see after the page loads.

Unlike search engine optimization, where you have to organically boost your rankings with written content, it can be much easier to pay for the top rankings.

Social Media

With the sharp rise of social media usage over the past two decades, it is a more vital marketing tool than ever. People spend hours every day on social media, so they are more likely to see your content.

Your social media advertising strategy ultimately depends on your target market. For instance, if you have an older demographic, you may want to focus on sites like Facebook. However, TikTok and Instagram are more likely to be used by young people.


Although Facebook was attractive to younger people when it started in 2004, its user demographic has gotten much older over the years. The site also has different modes of marketing that you can choose from.

You can have a paid advertising campaign on Facebook, where you push out your ads to a variety of different users. You will be able to view the impact that your ads have and adjust your spending or reach if necessary.

If you want to cut back on advertising costs, you can also market organically through Facebook. Creating regular content is a great way to stay engaged with your page followers and lead people to your website.

Encourage people to share your posts on their own pages so that your content gets more exposure throughout the site. You can also run contests where people comment and share to win a prize or promotion.


Unlike Facebook, where you can share lots of different content, Instagram is an app that is mainly used for photo and video content. Therefore, you need to focus on visual appeal when it comes to your Instagram marketing strategy.

You can see sponsored content every few posts on Instagram, so you can get a good idea of what the ad viewer experience will be like.

Since Facebook acquired Instagram, the two are linked. Therefore, you can manage your ad strategy through Facebook as well, making it easier than ever.

Instagram also has a unique feature called Reels, which are short videos that incorporate fun sounds or dances. If you want to organically market on Instagram, try your hand at making catchy videos and professional-looking photos.


TikTok is perhaps the newest competitor in the social media market that has created a buzz over the past couple of years. It is a video platform that focuses on short videos, anywhere from 15 seconds to three minutes.

Since TikTok appeals to a younger generation, make sure that you have a product or service that attracts all ages. More and more older people have been joining TikTok, however, which will lead to expanded marketing opportunities.

On a relatively new platform such as TikTok, it can be difficult to establish a good social media advertising strategy. It may be helpful to recruit a company that will help with TikTok lead generation.

You can also focus on creating fun videos that follow TikTok trends. Trends usually last around one to two weeks, and they can be sounds, filters, or a combination of both. Make sure to hop on a trend right away so you get maximum exposure.


Twitter has been a staple in social media marketing for over a decade. Its unique feature is that you can only make posts that are limited to 240 characters.

When it comes to Twitter, people want content that is snappy, quick, and to the point. You can start with Twitter Promote Mode to formulate an ad campaign that works for your needs and budget.

With Twitter, you will also be able to schedule tweets ahead of time. If you come up with your own marketing content, you can create tweets ahead of time in batches and schedule them to appear at a later date.

Newspaper Ads

Although social media is a powerhouse in today’s advertising market, you cannot go wrong with old-school newspaper ads. If you have an older demographic who buys your products, you are more likely to get more business with newspaper advertisements.

If you have a local business, then newspaper ads can be a great way to spread the word about products and promotions. You may even be able to include coupons as an incentive to get people to visit your company.

Try to target your ad in a relevant section of the paper for maximum exposure. For example, if you run a sporting goods store, then placing the ad in the Sports section will make the most sense.


Although television ads can be more expensive than other forms of advertising a business, they can also be the most effective. People still use cable packages to watch local news and television content.

Many streaming services have also incorporated ads into their plans. Viewers can purchase packages at a lower cost in exchange for watching a series of ads throughout the episode or movie they want to play.

If you have the budget, aim for advertising on the evening news or a local show that is popular. Primetime slots will ensure the most exposure and you will make your money stretch more.


Although music streaming has grown in popularity, drivers still listen to the radio as a form of entertainment and news. It may be worth it to include radio ads in your advertising strategy, especially if your demographic is older.

To narrow down your advertising even further, try to partner with a station that your target customer will listen to. For instance, seniors may be more likely to listen to talk radio stations such as NPR or the morning shows.

A good radio jingle is an essential component of a radio ad that people will remember. Partner with a local musician or a jingle writer to come up with something classic that people will remember.

Paper Flyers

A successful business, especially a local institution, will continue to grow with paper advertisements. If many people in your local area like to visit your establishment, it may be worth it to put up flyers in coffee shops, restaurants, or local bulletin boards.

Visit places that are pillars of your community and make sure that your flyer is noticeable. You can even include small tabs at the bottom where people can rip them off for necessary information.

In-Person Events

One of the best ways to connect with your local community is through in-person events. Look at resources around your city and see if there are events that you can attend to promote your business.

For example, if you have a restaurant, you can attend your local farmer’s market or craft fair to sell different goods. It is also a great way to engage with the community and find out what people like.

Blog Posts and Written Content

As you grow your business, you need to make sure that your content saturates your corner of the internet. The best way to ensure this is through blog posts, using a process called search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization involves producing blog content with keywords that will naturally boost your search engine rankings. You can do this through regular blog posts that you write yourself. You can also pay companies to produce the blogs for you to save time.

Cross-posting is a great method for getting the word out about your successful business. You can make an agreement with another business to include your links in their content and you can do the same.

So Many Ways to Advertise

Whether you are starting a business or growing a business, your advertising strategy is a vital part of making money. With this guide, you can find the best ways to advertise for a successful business.

Want to learn more about how you can change your marketing plan so that you can scale your company? Check out our site for more advertising tips and tricks that you can apply today.

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