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What Are the Benefits of Installing a Car Alarm System?

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In 2020, the FBI stated that $7.4 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft. The average amount lost per theft worked out at around $9,166. So it’s plain to see that it’s worth protecting your vehicle in the current climate.

One way to prevent thieves from stealing your car or the things within it is to get a modern car alarm system. When you do this, you can give yourself better peace of mind and know that your vehicle will have good protection.

In this guide, we’ll run through some of the key benefits of getting a car alarm system installed. But first, let’s take a look at some basics when it comes to car alarms. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Car Alarm?

There are two main kinds of modern car alarms these days. A standard one-way alarm will set off a siren and lights to shock potential thieves and alert people nearby that there could be a problem.

A two-way alarm will do the same as a one-way, but it will also alert you via your phone or key fob that the alarm is set off. Plus, there may be other features like video activation to capture the image of a thief or vandal. For the best protection, it makes sense to opt for a two-way alarm so that you may react quickly to prevent theft.

Car Alarm Cost

Car alarm costs will all depend on the features you want. For instance, you can now get car alarms with a remote start feature! This is a great feature if you want to heat pre-heat or pre-cool your car before you get in.

In general, car alarm prices are getting lower due to the competitiveness of the market. Just search for “car alarm installations near me” to find a few providers to compare prices and features they offer.

Car Alarm Guide

We’ll now take a look at some car alarm benefits. We’ll also explore some features in more depth so you know what’s available to keep your car safe.

Be aware that in-built car alarm systems are typically pretty basic. So it’s worth considering getting a car alarm installer to provide you with a system that adds extra protection features along with conveniences.

Theft and Vandalism Avoidance

The main clear benefit of car alarms is that they promote theft and vandalism avoidance. The idea is that your car alarm serves as a way to shock a potential thief.

If an alarm goes off, people nearby will naturally look toward where the sound is coming from and may spot the criminal in action. This in itself may be enough to deter a potential vandal or thief from attempting to break into your vehicle (especially if you make it clear that there is an alarm system in your vehicle).

Gain Peace of Mind

Another benefit of getting a car alarm is that you can gain peace of mind when parking up your car in public. It may be that you currently avoid parking in certain locations for fear of theft. When you get a good car alarm system, you might change your stance on this and start parking in more places for convenience purposes.

To gain ultimate peace of mind, you should consider features like car immobilizers. If your car alarm is set off, then the immobilizer will lock your steering wheel and the engine. This will make it impossible for a thief to drive away with your car.

Here you can read about problems some car owners have had because they did not have an immobilizer. After reading this, you may want to get one!

Tracking Devices

If you choose not to have an immobilizer, possibly due to your budget, then you can opt for installers to put a tracking device in your vehicle. If a thief manages to break into your car and drive away, you will be able to track it and alert the authorities with the location of the criminal.

In some cases, you can get trackers that will also allow you to immobilize your car via remote control on your phone or other devices. The thief might get away if you do freeze your car, but at least you know where it is to reclaim it.

Silent Alarms

In some cases, a vehicle owner might prefer a silent alarm system rather than an audible one. Silent alarms are ones that alert the owner that someone has broken into their car, but the person breaking in will not know about this.

This could be a good type of alarm for keeping tabs on who is using your vehicle. For example, you may have a teenager that uses your car from time to time. You could install a silent alarm to notify you when they are using it (perhaps late at night in some circumstances).

Silent alarms may also be useful for people who don’t want thieves to cause more damage than they might if the alarm was audible. The idea is the thief will not know that the owner knows the car is stolen so they keep the vehicle in good condition for resale.

The Importance of Professional Car Alarm Installation

While it might be tempting to install a car alarm system yourself, by doing so you might leave aspects of your vehicle vulnerable. Thus, it makes sense to get professionals in to do the job the right way.

When you get professional installers, you can choose a load of features that they know work well together. This means there may be fewer chances of technical difficulties and malfunctions with your installation.

The Importance of a Car Alarm System

If you want peace of mind and theft and vandalism avoidance for your vehicle, then get a good modern car alarm system. The best way to do this is to get professional installers to do the job for you.

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