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The private international secondary school in Singapore, none other than Invictus International School, offers students a well-mannered and recognized curriculum. Students can receive holistic education delivered by top educators. Students can study various subjects, get knowledge, develop personal traits, and evolve themselves in a recognized way to have a better future. The teaching style is different, and the environment presents here is enjoyable and irresistible.

The Best Curriculum Provided By Secondary School

The international secondary school in Singapore has come up with exponential and rapid changes in its subjects for a better future for a student. The environment students can learn is quite authentic and practical by nature.

·        For Grades 7 And 8

For classes 7th and 8th, the courses offered are international middle year curriculum, and it is the course that is being circulated by 50 countries globally. The countries like the United States, Australia, etc., offer classes to give students learning goals.

It is a theme-based course where learning becomes easy, and students’ personal goals are easily identified. Learning this course will give success to the student, and they can have a better future as young adults.

·        For Grades 9 And 10

Students studying in 9th and 10th get the opportunity to opt for an international general certificate of secondary education. It is an advanced-level certification for entrance to a top university. Students can select subjects like humanities, science, and language and upgrade them accordingly.

The assessment performed by the faculty is quite innovative. They look upon observational skills, formal knowledge tests, project work, etc. A student can gain better knowledge and become the best future performer by performing such activities.

The subjects included in the international general certificate of secondary education courses are English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, and music. It is the world’s most crucial international qualification where students have the opportunity to get into the Cambridge international university.

On the other hand, a level or advanced level course has no specific subject requirements.

Bottom Line

Children need to settle down with top educators to empower a better future and expand more in Singapore. To get admission to the top university globally, apply for it online. It’s the time to flourish your children’s minds with leading educators. A knowledgeable child can change the orthodox nature of today’s world. Educate your child in a top school in Singapore to have a better future.

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